Netflix announced on January 19th to deliver the anime The Cup head Show! (The Cup head Show) from February 18th. This work is an anime series based on the popular action game Cup head that Studio MDR worked.

Cup head is a 2D action game featuring a visual style with a 1930s Cartoon motif. The protagonist cup head and Magma’s brothers lose the game with the soul of Devil with Devil in the casino, and respond to the Devil’s trading that it takes up the soul from debts who continue to escape. A variety of horizontal scrolling stages and a stage that fights with unique bosses are prepared, and it features game playing games. It was released in 2017 and gained a very high evaluation, and 6 million copies are sold as of July 2020.


Anime series by Netflix was announced in 2019. Emmy Award / Annie Award Winner, Mickey Mouse! Producer Dave Watson, who is known as Producer Dave Watson, is a STUDIO MDR founder Moldenhauer brothers also participated in production. In this work, it is said that a unique event that comes down with a broken brother cup head and a prudent brother Magma that is easy to be swayed with impulsive shutters. Devil comes to the same time as the game version, and the brothers always help with their wideness.

In the trailer, this time, it is possible to adopt a retro Cartoon-style visual as the game version, and it can appear that many characters appeared in the game have appeared. In addition, MS. CHALICE, which is the third protagonist that appears in the DLC scheduled to be delivered to Cup head in June this year. She is based on the same DLC, and it seems to be an important role in the play.

Anime The Cup head Show will be delivered from February 18 to Netflix. Only when writing this paper, it is only announced for overseas, but it is likely to be delivered at the same time because it is guided to Delivery soon on the official site of Japan.

Also, the Cup head DLC The Delicious Last Course is scheduled to be delivered on June 30 for PC (steam / / PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch.