What is this a game? Swords of Legends is a traditional theme park MMORPG.

SWORDS OF LEGENDS online appeared in July 2021 a new MMORPG from China, which looked encouraging.

  • Dungeons and also raids in 3 difficulty levels
  • Real estate
  • Different life skills
  • PVP in fields or huge fights on a special map

I as a result talked with the player Adventure. He has already taken 3,000 play hrs in Solo as well as all raids and dungeons. From him, I wished to know what interested him in the game what the MMORPG has failed as well as what it might save.

I myself played Swords of Legends 80 hrs in the beta and was extremely happy with the game. The huge innovation did not do well. For a month after release, the variety of players went down on Vapor Rapid. In the meanwhile, just 360 players log in a day on Vapor, where there is additionally a different client of George. The fantastic success stops.

In solo, all courses are usable and there is a great deal for the bonds

MEMO: What was the reason that you started with Solo as well as what do you assume so well at the game?

Adventure ape: What has captivated me to solo was the course option. Many various other video games typically need much more healers or added containers.

So you have a team quicker in Solo and can also play for the ranking on ever before faster records when 20 courses might be 18 DDS. One of the most prominent DD classes consist of fatality charm, sword magician and also Berserker, yet usable are all classes. That too comes from the peculiarity for the class option.

I additionally like the Asia panache. If such as to play Grind MMOs, I like to consist of which makes the game perfect for me. Particularly in the endgame there is a great deal of work, with the Dailies and also the regular dungeons.

MEMO: Can you explain us exactly how such a regular week or a common day looks in solo?

When a week you will certainly additionally do its weekly raids. These are currently just Spark wood Yard and Forbidden Court, the most recent RAID from November, in Hard mode. Due to the fact that everything else does not bring the tools that you desire.

On typical days, I after that do my other daily quests for headlands, the abyss and PVP.

Adventure ape: yes clear. You do the Dungeon Daily, due to the fact that you get text pieces and various other points.

Especially for the people that wish to do Real estate, gold is especially important. I have actually certainly placed in my residence already 200,000 gold. And also there is a private neighborhood that almost just plays Housing and also hardly makes another thing in MMORPG.

The remainder of the time I then utilize to farm gold since gold is incredibly essential in the endgame to update its tools. You can do the whole various other dungeons, since each of them brings their 12 to 13 gold per manager.

The staying players are as well hardcore, yet brand-new ones are barely coming

MEMO: Exactly how is the mood in the neighborhood and also what regarding brand-new players?

Adventure ape: Simply the mood is rather bad. The endgame alone simply is insufficient. Not, due to the fact that it is insufficient, for laid-back players there suffices to do, but the remaining players in Solo are a hardcore community that is a much way too much and farmed.

Although there are constantly new players beginning with solo and also there are a couple of laid-back players, yet many of the community is waiting on new content as well as the new classes. Numerous have actually stopped in the last couple of weeks and months, but then desire to come back. We, nevertheless, Grinder to have more reserves than any person else.

MEMO: What do you assume, what Solo has failed as well as why hardly replace new players now?

At the beginning, there was likewise criticism of efficiency in the PVP or translation issues, which were additionally attended to. Although there are always brand-new problems once again, just a pest that makes the PVP practically unplayable, however it is always serviced it as well as we expect a fast repair.

Adventure ape : A big trouble is in my viewpoint advertising and marketing. If you check out other MMORPGs, also numerous smaller sized titles, after that have the more marketing as a solo. I have seen in all my time because the discussion might once see marketing and also the largest material maker, who has dealt with the game, carried average SO 120 viewers on Twitch.

Mango: A huge trouble we have made was the very difficult and boring level stage. Has something done?

MEMO: Do you already know when the patch 2.0 comes as well as what’s in it?

That might be due to the fact that they have actually found out [George] from the error at Kingdom Under attack 2, where they have paid big banner, which often have actually left the game in the rage quit in the center of the stream.

MEMO: What do you think must change to make sure that Solo still obtains the contour? Can the game recover and put on new players again?

Adventure ape: It is up-to-date that the patch need to appear in the very first quarter of 2022. He then brings the Warrior as class as well as equivalent to 7 new dungeons and also raids.

Amusing I located that you have reported frequently and also favorably about solo and also there was objection. But the game is tolerable and also besides you had no solo on the screen, that’s a pity.

Incidentally, I do not believe so bad at all due to the fact that the story is really quite good if you obtain entailed. She does not have the level of Final Dream XIV or SW TOR, but she can currently stay up to date with Guild Wars.

There is currently the advisor system over which you get benefit XP when you satisfy with a knowledgeable gamer. Because of this, you are already quicker on the Max degree than even the beginning. As well as the advisor itself additionally gets beneficial incentives.

After Spot 2.0, it depends on just how quick George brings brand-new material. Initially, they have done really well, there was an update the community and also every month was pleased. The last material spot currently is from November which can not manage the hardcore community.

Adventure ape: Jan, with the first personality you still need to torment something. However, you intend to bring something with the UPDATE 2.0, which you can draw twinks much faster on limit level. That need to not relate to the completely brand-new classes.

A doubling of the gamer numbers with patch 2.0?

Adventure ape: The game will in any type of instance recoup as well as get something in the game numbers again. Alone in the German area, I understand the 1,000 players that claim they go back to Solo when the Warrior and Fox mage come as new courses. And also that is the German neighborhood alone.

What George simply has to do is the brand-new material and the new classes launch. Due to the fact that they know what else comes, the components are there in China as well as that is likewise one of the factors why numerous stay true to the game.

I additionally assume that the English-speaking community in Europe will additionally obtain a returnee. The Na web servers, nonetheless, are currently an entire edge empty, I do not recognize how high the opportunities are that Solo experiences a buzz once more. In the EU, I expect at the very least with a doubling of the current number of players to Patch 2.0.

The hardest raids need a week or even more to be finished

The hard mode is currently to ensure that most do not create him on day 1. Given that you have to have a great raid group. The most recent difficult fashion from Forbidden Court, which appeared on Thursday, was completed by the very first team after about 7 hours.

MEMO: Just how precisely does the hardcore area play the material and just how fast you are with you? Exist any type of Globe First races such as in Wow?

In the German neighborhood, there is likewise a need to be the initial that ends such dungeons or raids. Worldwide, there is no direct race around the globe Firsts.

The severe modes, then it took a week or 2, up until you have laid it.

Adventure ape: New dungeons and also raids precede with a typical style. It’s typically done on the initial night, for some managers you require a couple of efforts, however that’s not trouble.

MEMO: As well as what about other endgame web content, such as the PVP?

The computer animation ability often results in extreme lag, particularly in the large 300v300 web content in PVP. It can even take place that you obtain an abrupt damage and also passes away, yet the adversary does not see, because the game has not even loaded the model.

Adventure: The PVP area is currently a lot more active than the Raider, but falls again smaller sized total from. The PVP is very ability based and Equipment matters little, so not all Eve players rantrauen there.

Mass PVP is for that reason what the survival just boosted substantially simply hardly usable or if just Zero. This set makes however generally just for the Daily. Sector PVP works as dramatically much better.

SOLO is in fact a casual game, the Europeans totally various play

Mango: You’ve previously been informed that there is a great deal of content in China. How far the variation is there exactly?

We German players, and the rest of the EU web server, play a lot much more competitive. This can be seen well in the damages numbers.

Generally, the Chinese are just in a Gears score of over 350 and also still far ahead of us. While we wait for spot 2.0, there is currently the upgrade 3.2, 2 increases the Max Level, brand-new areas and also 25 dungeons as well as raids, which we will get. All dungeons and raids have 3 troubles regular, hard and also extreme.

Adventure: SOLO remains in China a laid-back MMORPG that has been so designed that you can always make development, even if one little plays. There, you pay a subscription per game hour for SOLO, so the game is developed to ensure that no issue just how much time you’re stuck totally, you can reach the endgame always kind.

There are now a number of EU players that have currently set up the Chinese version as well as then claim to obtain a suggestion of future content.

Mango: How do you see the future of total SOLO ?

Otherwise, has Swords of Legends online actually all opportunities and also really many good strategies. It will never ever be as big as Final Dream XIV, yet it would actually be easily able to accomplish a number of players, re-financed with the MMORPG for Game forge and also the further growth worthwhile.

Adventure: It is very important to understand that there is much content in China, which can be given us. There need to not overtaken Game forge simple, with long waiting times or false promises. In Kingdom Under Fire 2 as an upgrade was promised that never appeared and also see what the community has disliked them significantly. Occurs something in SOLO, after that probably all the players away.

A highlight that several also wait is the update to the Unreal Engine 5, which is to get the Chinese version in the initial half of the 2,022 TH.

With Patch 2.0 comes a new class as well as then come back a great deal of players. It is particularly useful for the players, the Oriental MMORPG, might have no problem with the scab, and also like to run the very same endgame dungeons and -Raids.

Mango: Thanks for your time Adventure !

What do you say about Swords of Legends? What experiences have you done and also believes her after about a return? Compose it in the remarks.

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Adventure ape: What has interested me to solo was the class choice. Adventure ape: Jan, with the very first personality you still have to torment something. Adventure ape: The game will certainly in any instance obtain and recover something in the game numbers again. Adventure ape: It is up to day that the spot ought to appear in the first quarter of 2022. Adventure: It is crucial to know that there is much web content in China, which can be brought to us.