Pouring and Routine Bryant will go separated paths in the future. Clubs and players have agreed on an immediate contract resolution, as the Hesse announced on Thursday. The 2.11 meter Center will continue for Liguria Syntactic MBC from Weißenfels and is to be used there on Friday night. The 34-year-old Bryant played with a short interruption since 2017 for pouring 46ers and had previously received the award as the most valuable player of the league in two Bundesliga seasons (2011/12 and 2012/13).


Unfortunately, it is sometimes the fact that the planned and hoped for can not be entered and implemented. Both John and we recognized that the current situation is not satisfactory for both sides, and we decide to a termination contract for that, Giessen said managing director and sport director Sebastian Schmidt. The low operating times last in casting were not satisfactory for me personally, commented Bryant. He looks forward to his new team and a new task.

On the website of the MBC, Bryant is quoted as follows: The low operating times last in casting were not satisfactory for me personally. When MBC was after the failure of Johannes Richter in search of a new player, I did not have to hesitate long. After a training session and a night in Weißenfels I started with the team right away to the away game to Hamburg. I am looking forward to my new team and on my new job with the wolves. I will bring my strengths, so we are here in this Season can still get the maximum.