2022 And the arrival of League of Legends 12 season could not come alone: ​​Team fight Tactics has performed numerous changes in the first patch of the year, one of the largest of the last Set of Gossip and Cachivach. This note will take practically the champions that are more broken in the reference autochess and with a large protagonist: Kai’SA. The vacuum daughter was too broken, and Riot Games has decided to stop her feet, like many other champions that were on her line like Tam Bench. That said, let’s go to the mess!

Yordles Finally Get Buffed in Patch 12.1 Rundown | TFT Guide Teamfight Tactics

Summary of changes

Champions changes

Improvements: Swain, Harbinger, Strafing, Garden, Ellie, Twisted Fate, Dog’maw, Talon, Clean, Echo, Cassandra, Samira, Vex, Sion
Nerfs: Caitlyn, Malabar, Argot, Gallic, Kai’SA, Tam Bench, Bass, Assassin, Brianna, One, Viktor

Object changes

Improvements: Guardian Angel, Fire Cannon, Oz’rot Portal, Power Chalice
Nerfs: Morellonomicon. Solar Fire Layer, Station Dankest

Systems changes

Changes in hearts and emblems

Improvements: Improvised Armor, Spell Leaf, Forest Charm
Nerfs: Ascension, Burning Investment, Cyber ​​Implants, Duo, Stay United, Solar Board

Changes of synergies

Improvements: Petrochemical, Imperial, Innovative, Marines, Mutants
Nerfs: socialite, hurdles