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Our opinion on Tales of Arise

  • Release date : September 9, 2022
  • Publisher : Banzai NAMC
  • Developer : Banzai NAMC Entertainment, Banzai NAMC Studios
  • Series : Tales of
  • Platforms : PC, PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One / Series
  • Type : Japanese Adventure Action Role Set
  • Note : game played on Xbox Series X and copy provided by the publisher

The franchise Tales of makes his return in Cross-Gen format with Tales of Arise. This is a Japanese role play developed and edited by Banzai NAMC. As almost all video games of the genre, expect a ton of clichés and listen to your characters talking with love and friendship for hours and hours… Fortunately, these Tales of Arise is filled with qualities.

The story


The player begins the adventure by incarnating a prisoner with Alp hen’s named iron mask. We learn very early that the planet where the adventure takes place is divided by two peoples. The people of Rena imposed their yoke to the people of Dana and use them to loot the resources of the planet. Very early in the adventure, Alp hen who belongs to the people of Dana frees himself from the hold of his torturers and team up with a young woman from Rena answering the name of Shine. Each of them has a strange ability. Alp hen does not feel pain and shine can not be approached. Like Alicia in the X-Men, Shine seems to be a victim of a curse and as soon as someone is approaching it, an electric current runs his body to slap the person who stands too close to her. The duo is pair and a common goal of bringing down the five Lord of Rena. Lords that control the different regions of Dana.

Blizzard, new IP-based PC · Console survival new release

Blizzard revealed a new IP-based survival newly launched as a PC and console.


Blizzard released a new university survival newly developed through its official homepage on the 26th. As a new IP based title in six years since overwatch, the model is a pc and console. As a new IP, the existing Blizzard game is a completely different worldview.

Even in the two artworks released with the announcement, you can feel a different atmosphere that is different from the game that Blizzard is present. In the first image, a bicycle, including a bicycle, including a bicycle, a vast field with a pair of men and women wearing modern clothing. In the second image, another character wearing a wildlife’s bones and leather, and another character is staring at the mirror. It can be guessed by the cave and the person who moved to another place, and the mirror that is linked to the world.

However, it is as early as the development of the game title as not yet decided. In fact, Blizzard said that it is newly disclosed and recruited new developers in 11 areas, including art, game design and engineers. In addition, the recent major developed members appear to have a new project to lead a new project as much as possible.

New information related to Blizzard’s unpublished survival game will be released later.

A statement that leads to a delivery person who has repeated malicious act of “ROBLOX” in the United States

The California District Court sent a decision to pay for damages to Benjamin Robert Simon of YouTuber, as the online game ROBLOX was conducted.

Ruben SIM known as the name of Ruben SIM repeats malicious acts such as harassing users in the game and trying to upload photos such as nude and specific persons, and posted to your own YouTube channel. He has also reported actions such as malicious remarks for development staff and developers in the forum. He was repeated while avoiding in various ways despite having been banned from the game many times.

In October 2021, the event ROBLOX Developers Conference 2021 suggests a threat by terrorist, and is temporarily for the noise to cancel the event. Roblox Corporation for developing and operating the game in November of the same year sued Simon.

In addition to the payment of $150,000 for Simon, SIMON, we ordered from the Development Studio and related dwellings to the surrounding 100 feet, and the prohibition of accessing the game.

SALE: The Logitech Streamcam Webcam in Promo

For Streamers and Gamers, Logitech has in its catalog many devices suitable for exercise. The Stream cam is, as its name suggests, a webcam designed for streamers. Compact and discreet, it is right now in Rue du Commerce.

the good plan

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Logitech has been present for many years on the segment of Webcam , but with the rise of Streaming and the Live video, the Swiss manufacturer has added some references to its catalog.

The STREAM CAM is a powerful webcam for the streamers and YouTubers who do not wish to clog with complex material. This small camera opts for the capture of pictures in Full HD ( 1920 x 1080 pixels ) to 60 frames per second . In addition to its good image quality, the Stream cam counts on many software optimizations to offer ever more qualitative rendering. It offers Automatic Exposure or Automatic Framing To always stay in the center of the frame and perfectly illuminated. In addition to a perfect native integration in the most common streaming software like Open Broadcaster Software ( Obs ), XSplit or Streamlabs .

Launched at $159, the Logitech webcam dedicated video game streaming benefits at the moment of a beautiful promotion at Rue du Commerce. Its price thus passes €91,17 during the balances, something to equip itself without breaking the piggy bank.

Discover the offer at Rue du Commerce


And with that ?

  • Plato Stream of

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To accompany your streams and stay as responsive as possible, it is important to equip themselves with a control table. Plato’s Stream Deck is the ideal solution for all streamers. This tool allows you to assign to one of its 15 keys, an action or macro to interact live with your community or earn valuable time in certain situations, such as launching the record or viewing a live emotive.

Very useful also for creative and video editing that often need shortcuts, this device has LCD screens to display on each key, the logo associated with the requested action. At the moment, the Stream Deck Plato is at a promotional rate of €119 at Amazon against €149,99 usually.

Discover the offer at Amazon

Know everything about streaming

Event Guide Final Fantasy XIV All SainTS Wake 2022

The final Fantasia XIV the event Oratorio All Saints has finally made his comeback after more than 2 years. Despite being a Halloween-themed event this year will be held from January 20 to February 2 at 6:59 a. m. PST. Brings creepy, ghosts clowns and a series of new rewards for players to acquire them. This Guide All Saints Wake Event 2022, will guide you through each mission of All Saints’ Wake 2022, and we will list everything that is at stake.

Mission of the awakening of all the clowns

All Clowns ‘Wake is the initial mission of All Saints’ Wake 2022, located in Old Goiania in X: 10.4, Y: 8.5. Researcher talking to the Guild of Ventures, you’ll learn a mysterious figure dressed in strange clothes. The researcher asks you to find out more about the objectives of the clown and sends you to interview people of the village of Goiania.

There are 2 NPC in Goiania Old and New Goiania with whom you should talk to this mission. After talking with them and return with the investigator, you will be sent to meet with the guilty. The meeting point is close to the guild of furriers in X: 11.9, Y: 8.6. After the scene, talk to the investigator again (this time is just to the east) and then go to Central Shroud.

Here, you will interact with the target marker X: 23.2, Y: 23.4, before reaching the end of this mission talking to the researcher in Central Shroud.

A party to remember Mission

Researcher talks with the Guild of Ventures one more time to accept the next mission, a feast to remember. After a short scene, you must meet with Pope Gruff X: 22.8, Y: 22.7, it is below the walkway. This will unlock seasonal instance Feast of ghosts.

Instance of the feast of ghosts – FIX IV wake of all the saints

The Phantoms’ Feast is an instance of 4 men unrestricted class, work or level. Its design is based on the dungeon The Tam-Tara Deep croft and its variant Hard, only with a little more striking theme. You can run this with friends or be paired with others through the matching function in the game.

You not have access to your regular movements here. Instead, you use the diabolical flashlight and healing holy water. Lantern creates a conical area attack effect when used, instantly killing any Clown Wraith within it. It may contain 3 charges at a time and recharges relatively slowly. Meanwhile, holy water is used to save souls captive: there are 30 souls to save throughout the dungeon in total.

Progress through The Phantoms’ Feast is simple for the most part. You travel each room, killing Wraith and saving souls. The main challenges come in the form of three meetings, similar to the 3 heads enfrentarías normally in a normal dungeon.

Little Gruff Boss Guide

Not fighting against any of the bosses directly and, instead, must complete a certain goal. For Little Gruff, this comes in the form of chests pumpkin. The chests are generated around the arena and awarded points if you stand on them. The orange boxes with a single star worth 1 point, while the silver chests worth 2.

The goal is to reach 100 points without dying from bombs that are falling on the sand. These explode after about 8-9 seconds in a medium-sized AOE, flashing before detonating.

Gruff Mama Boss Guide

To overcome Mama Gruff, you must eat the various dishes she produces, at the same time kill the Wraiths that are generated around the arena. The dishes come in 2 forms, standard dishes and exquisite dishes. The first is worth 2 points, the second 10 and the goal is to return to reach 100 points.

The standard dishes are quick to eat while delicious dishes take much longer. The dishes usually appear in groups of 4 with one exquisite dish, while the Wraith appear periodically. The best strategy is initially ignored the Wraiths and then kill them while a person is eating delicious dish.

Gruff Papa Boss Guide

Gruff Pope is the final opponent The Phantoms’ Feast. While still not fight with him directly, he fights more than the other family members.

Instead of accumulating points during this meeting, you must release 34 other souls, in addition to those found in advance. Many Clown Wraiths and Captive Souls appear over time, which are treated normally. Meanwhile, Pope Gruff be cloned himself and start launching large AOE around the arena.

It is given a decent amount of time to leave these, and if they hit it, it will be awarded the disadvantage out of the body. This leaves you in a ghostly way, separated from your body. To return to action, you will have to walk slowly back to your body (there is a strap that shows you what way to take if you lose).

After saving 34 souls, the dungeon is over. You receive 6 pumpkin cookies as a reward for completing it, and you can finish the mission, returning to x: 10.4, and: 8.5 and talking to the investigator of the adventurers’ guild.

Mission completed – Rewards of All Saints Wake 2022

Completing the mission gives you another pumpkin cookie, besides the modern cosmetics item – to make clowns. This article unlocks a new option of facial paint on the beautician, which reflects the makeup using Papa Gruff.

To get the rest of the rewards, you must exchange pumpkin cookies with the NPC Shady Smock in Old Goiania X: 10.3, and: 9.2. There are 12 cookies to unlock the complete clown assembly (composed of 5 pieces of equipment), plus 6 others for both housing items. Magic prisms (pumpkin) can also be purchased by a cookie if you have any spare.

Get additional cookies is as simple as Running The Phantoms’ Feast, although this is done by talking to the Harlequin guide at Old Goiania near Shady Smock.

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Dot picture ACT series latest work “MoModora: Moonlit Farewell” Distribution decision is made at STeam!

Indie game publishing brand PLAY ISM is, 2D action the latest series maker of Bomb Service Foodora: Moonlit Farewell Delivery determined to announce at Steam, has released the store page.

This work, Hausa popularity as a hard core action of Metro id Cordova near Foodora the latest installment in the series. To the world stage after five years of Foodora III, was the hero of the High Priest Memo Retinol in the village of Soho, is that the story is Foodora III final chapter is drawn.

◆ The latest series Foodora: Moonlit Farewell distribution determined by the Steam!

■ Foodora: Moonlit Farewell and is

Foodora: Moonlit Farewell is the latest installment of Foodora series, it is the world stage after five years of Foodora III. Is a High Priest in the village of Soho Memo, in order to save the people from the monsters who have doing been invited to the sound of the bell, pardoned the mission of God, you get to travel.

■ Story

Soho ringing the sound of ominous bell in the village. The village, was exposed to the threat of attack of the monsters who were Izanagi the sound of the bell. Village chieftain is in order to the investigation of the bell, was Yaw the village is the most of the shaman Memo Retinol. She found the cause of the bell sound, village and more important than anything, we defend the sacred Run Trees.

■ game features of the

  • Beautiful pixel art and animation
  • Combo due to the proximity attack, attack avoidance, a game of action-packed, such as long-range attacks by arrow
  • Customize the play style freely available Vigil system
  • Violent, such as tugging the heart Bosubatoru
  • Steeped in rich tradition and solid atmosphere, deeply dug-down view of the world
  • Freely attractive is also possible to explore the world, is also possible to challenge the powerful enemy, it can be difficulty change to suit the play style

■ Developer Comments

Hello, everyone! It is train of Foodora series author. The team latest series: announced Foodora Moonlit Farewell. This work is the final chapter of Foodora III. In this story, we believe that gonna a prima facie conclusion on a number of past works of mystery and questions. Every one of the players I think that many people are familiar in the Karo the distant past to the stage. So I may not know the story of Foodora I – Foodora III, we produce the as much as possible enjoy Moonlit Farewell. In addition, this series has been to minimize the story in the action-oriented. So, please do not worry about the left behind ! Last but not least, this work leverages the know-how cultivated in 10 years, I want to deliver the best of the game. Please stay tuned.


  • Genre: Metro id Cordova near
  • will be supported language: Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified)
  • planned distribution platform: Steam
  • scheduled for release: TBD
  • plans to sell Price: TBD
  • Steam store page: HTTPS: //

© 2022 Mm Bomb service Games EIREL Me. All rights reserved. Licensed to and published by Active Gaming Media, Inc.

Dying Light 2 Multiplayer: All information about CrossSplay, Koop & more

In this Dying Light 2 Multiplayer Guide learn her:

  • How does the multiplayer mode work
  • How can compete simultaneously many players
  • Whether Dying Light supports 2 Cross Play
  • When you are allowed to expect cross-Gen Support

Dying Light 2: Stay Human is coming and about to release the development team answered the most important questions about the multiplayer mode . In this guide we collect all information about Cross Play, Loop and the multiplayer mode in the zombie apocalypse of Dying Light second

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Supports Dying Light 2 Cross Play?

Unfortunately, the short answer is no. To start is Dying Light 2: Stay Human no cross play. Gambling can not cross-platform together playing the game in online multiplayer so .

But Game Designer Tyson Smetana leaned Cross Play from only for the moment. Literally he said: No, actually not, it [Cross Play] will not be available. He leaves open whether Tech land not perhaps could to hand in a cross-play support at a later date.

Supports Dying Light 2 Cross-gen multiplayer?

Here again, unfortunately, the answer is no and but here, there is a. Although Smetana confirmed that gene support cross will be at launch no, but noted that this is just the start of Dying Light 2:’ll be the case, Stay Human. Cross-gen support should be submitted . When exactly the match, the PS4 and PS5 version or the Xbox One and Xbox Series version can play together, remains open.

Dying Light 2 Multiplayer: Opens online co-op with the abridged English version?

Because of the slightly abridged version of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, which will come in Germany to market, multiplayer games are for German players: limited inside on participants from Germany . So you can unsubscribe any games with players or players from other countries, if you play the German version.

However, Tech land has been working on a solution as the match, the different versions can work together in the future (Germany and rest of the world). Otherwise, it should no restrictions for multiplayer games with the German version of Dying Light 2: enter Stay Human.

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Can Die Light will be played through 2 in co-op?

Good news for all who the zombie Apocalypse not want to face alone: ​​Dying Light 2 can be played immediately on release in co-op – even with up to four game ends simultaneously. After the tutorial itself can merge up to four players and players in online co-op and play through the entire story campaign together.

Dying Light 2 Multiplayer: Keep all team members the game progress?

As in Dying Light 2: Stay Human, some decisions will have to be taken, lasting impact on the story and gameplay, there is one important rule multiplayer team : There Is the team in a situation with multiple solutions to disagree, has to meet the host of the multiplayer session the right to the final decision.

The game progress within the campaign will also be attributed only to the hosts. Unfortunately, the remaining fellow come up empty in their personal score. Team members but at least Items found, and their own character progress are allowed to keep.

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The leader of Blizzard Entertainment approaches the culture of work and more

Blizzard Entertainment is one of the biggest companies in the game industry, but 2021 has been for the least a difficult year. The fans of the company have been disappointed by their games, decisions and various allegations in the workplace have been put in the forefront. The executives of the company were under fire and reputation collapsed. However, with the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard by Microsoft Announced yesterday, many hope for a recovery of the company as a whole. Mike Ibarra, head of Blizzard Entertainment, has published a statement on the culture of the workplace and more.

Ibarra notes that 2021 was a difficult year for the company and that the goal is to rebuild the reputation and trust of the company. In order to improve the culture of the company, some measures have been taken. These steps included measuring the success of executives in relation to the improvement of culture. Both are now correlated with better compensation and more. In addition, new full-time positions and new resources have been deployed to improve the situation. Thus, teams have been formed with a leader culture and a diversity leader, equity and inclusion.


In addition, Blizzard Entertainment has made recruitment teams a priority. This means that they shared internally data, allowed upward feedback from employees and tripled the size of their compliance team.

Ibarra noted that these decisions were only the beginning and was motivated and enthusiastic about bringing serious changes to the company.

Finally, before thanking the community and the internal teams, the company manager said, We have exciting things to announce, and I’ll tell you more next week. In your opinion, what will be the upcoming news Given the recent major announcement?

What do you think of Blizzard Entertainment? Are you enthusiastic about the possibilities available to you after the buyback? What excites you the most? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter and Facebook.

XBox Store: New publications in the overview KW 03/2022

We present an overview of all new publications and pre-orders for the weekend, which have newly arrived in the Xbox Store in the 3rd calendar week 2022.

Xbox New publications KW 03/2022

  • 60 Seconds! Re atomized Demo – Free – 1.73 GB
  • Blackbird – ~~ 24.99 ~~ € – €21,24 – 3.37 GB – Optimized for Xbox Series X / S – Smart Delivery
  • Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc Anniversary Edition – €14,99 – 3.95 GB – including Xbox Game Pass
  • Down slope – €4,99 – 1.36 GB
  • Dismantle – ~~ 19.99 ~~ € – €17,99 – 1.58 GB – Optimized for Xbox Series X / S – Smart Delivery
  • DATUM BETA – €5.99 – 395.12 MB
  • Gravity Chase – €11,99 – 2.76 GB
  • Hatsune Miku Logic Paint S – ~~ 11.99 ~~ € – €9.59 – 791.42 MB
  • Hitman Trilogy – ~~ 99.99 ~~ € – €79.99 – 73.11 GB – Included Xbox Game Pass – Optimized for Xbox Series X / S – Smart Delivery
  • Hitman Trilogy Premium Add-ons Bundle – €59.99 – Memory Size Unknown – Optimized for Xbox Series X / S – Smart Delivery
  • Kin duo – ~~ 4,99 ~~ € – €3,99 – 300.38 MB – Optimized for Xbox Series X / S – Smart Delivery
  • Mouse craft – €9,99 – 1.19 GB
  • Nobody Saves the World – €24,99 – 1.5 GB – Includes Xbox Game Pass – Optimized for Xbox Series X / S – Smart Delivery
  • Paparazzi – €15,49 – 825.9 MB – Includes Xbox Game Pass


  • Rainbow Six Extraction – United Package – €69.99 – 46.66 GB – Optimized for Xbox Series X / S – Smart Delivery
  • Rainbow Six Extraction Deluxe Edition – €59.99 – 46.6 GB – Optimized for Xbox Series X / S – Smart Delivery
  • Rainbow Six Extraction – €49,99 – 46.63 GB – Includes Xbox Game Pass – Optimized for Xbox Series X / S – Smart Delivery
  • RPG OLF Legends – €29,99 – 585.98 MB – Optimized for Xbox Series X / S – Smart Delivery
  • The Enigma Machine – ~~ 8,99 ~~ € – €7,19 – 101.39 MB
  • Windjammer 2 – ~~ 19.99 ~~ € – €17.99 – 702.63 MB – Includes Xbox Game Pass
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel – Free – 6.36 GB – Optimized for Xbox Series X / S – Smart Delivery

Xbox Pre-orders KW 03/2022

  • Breakout: Recharged – €8,99 – 659.43 MB – Optimized for Xbox Series X / S – Smart Delivery – Pre-Order and Pre-Download
  • Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Deluxe Edition – €69,99 – 101.5 MB – Optimized for Xbox Series X / S – Smart Delivery – Pre-Order
  • Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga – €59,99 – 101.5 MB – Optimized for Xbox Series X / S – Smart Delivery – Pre-Order
  • Monster Crown – €29,99 – 1.16 GB – Pre-Order and Pre-Download
  • Shadow Warrior 3 – €49,99 – 13.44 GB – Pre-Order and Pre-Download
  • Webbed – €19,99 – 337.64 MB – Pre-Order and Pre-Download
  • WWE 2K22 Cross-Gen Digital Bundle – €79,99 – 589.99 MB – Pre-Order
  • WWE 2K22 Deluxe – €99,99 – 670.9 MB – Pre-Order
  • WWE 2K22 Standard Xbox One – €69,99 – 295 MB – Pre-Order
  • WWE 2K22 Standard Xbox Series X / S – €74,99 – 295 MB – Pre-Order
  • WWE 2K22 Super Deluxe – €119,99 – 691.13 MB – Pre-Order

Nightingale was supposed to be a MMO game, but the scale of the project was reduced


Nightingale is an interestingly promising RPG with network elements. Initially, some people were convinced that it would be RPG. The creators, however, explained that they want to provide Shared World Survival Crafting Sandbox Game, although referring to MMOs are not accidental. Originally, it was to be Nightingale!

In the course of creating the game, however, it turned out that the MMO style game is just a big project. His scale has exceeded improbable developers who decided to reduce the size of the game. All this so that the team can focus on multiplayer interactions between players. Over time, it also came that if the band had aspirations to create a great MMO, they eventually did not know about it.

They preferred to have fewer people on the server, but give them more opportunities to experience their own adventures and create the world. That is why, moreover, the team supports solutions in BioWare games, such as Mass Effect and Dragon Age, and even anthem! Nightingale will be production with optional network elements, where players have to feel the consequences of decisions.

Interestingly, Nightingale creators have friends in the team responsible for New World. Unless the latter title started as Survival to ultimately evolve MMO, so their project has passed the opposite road. I wonder who will eventually come out better.

Interested in the game, I invite you here.

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