CALL OF DUTY: VANGUARD I did not have the best launch of the franchise, and it seems that the community is already feeling some fatigue regarding the franchise. In addition to the fact that the situation within Activision Blizzard is not well, so Sledgehammer Games should be very careful with the way they handle this new shooter, but on this occasion they were neglected.

It happens that in Reddit, a user discovered that the weapons pack Secret Santa, which is sold for $15 from the Digital Store of Vanguard, is the same one that launched years Back in Call of Duty: WWII. However, at that time it was free and here you want to charge you.

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Evidently there is a certain discontent at this type of practice, although many say it does not have any problem since it is two completely different games. It is possible to acquire these two weapons within the game naturally, although you will not have access to its Christmas variants, so it is merely a cosmetic accessory. At the time of writing, Sledgehammer Games has not pronounced in this regard, and frankly I doubt that they are going to do it.