Thanks to home office and gaming, many users sit most of the time at the desk. And to make the sitting as pleasant as possible, you can come up with many things. Mango author Benedict Schliemann explains why a foot pillow belongs to his best purchases 2021.

Numerous people currently spend a lot of time in sitting:

Countless users work in the home office and hardly leave the desk during the day
Corona restricts a lot of activities and many gambling on console or PC instead of moving.

From our own experiences, I know that some people improvised have gone to their new situation. They have converted a kitchen table to the desk or spontaneously bought a second monitor. Some just clean up a corner in the bedroom to work quickly from there.

Depending on the location, that can be quite uncomfortable and I herself had bought a seat cushion for improving my situation, which made me easier for my everyday life. My butt felt pleasantly relieved, and I use the pillow to today.

Now I have bought a pillow for the feet as a supplement. Some maybe one may think, why do you need something like that, but for me the pillow has certainly been one of the surprises 2021. Because I did not think that it improved my everyday life so much.

A pillow for the feet ensures the right attitude at the desk

What exactly did I bought myself? After a longer search, I have opted for a footprint for around 15 euros. Because I wanted to try something like that. Meanwhile, there are on Amazon and Co dozen providers who offer pillows in different sizes and colors. I finally decided on the footprint of the manufacturer Dynamic You.

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This article does not replace personal conversation with a doctor. If you have health problems from sitting or work, then turn to your doctor’s trust. Extensive health tips can be found at the Federal Ministry of Health (via Federal Ministry of Health) or in a conversation with your personal family doctor.

Important health tips from experts can also be found in the plus report on health at the Gamester.

These are the advantages: Basically it is recommended that you put both feet firmly on the floor at the desk and should also take a footstool as a support. This also protects the back.

Previously, my feet did not stand up perfectly on the floor. Because, if I wanted to put the chair higher, so that my arms arrive horizontally on the table, my feet did not get really right on the ground or only with the tiptoe.

The foot cushion now balances that, so my feet fixedly sit up. In addition, I can not get into the temptation to sit in the cutter seat on my chair. The pillow feels high quality and the cover is removable and washable on top of that. In this way, the dirt or foot odor can be easily removed from the pillow.

When unpacking, I did not meet a strange, chemical smell, as one knows that of furniture or favorable pillows.

Also, practical: as soon as I take the feet from the pillow, the memory foam returns to its original state in the pillows after some time. The material of the pillow retains no rigid position.

In addition, there are anti-slip nubs on the back. This remains the pillow in place, even if I move myself once. This also offers me the pillow a stable stood on the floor.

These are the disadvantages: The cover of the pillow is a magnet for animal hair and dust. For me, the pillow had taken over the hair of the cat in no time. The cleaning is not very complex, yet I find it annoying.

Also, not to be underestimated is the hardness of the pillow. Some users had criticized on Amazon that they sink too much in the pillow and I also had concerns. For me, the material expresses clearly, but not so extreme as feared. But here it probably also comes to the body weight. If you should also remember, then you should test it in advance.

A small investment for an improvement in everyday life

That’s why I bought the foot pillow: I wanted to improve my current situation in the long term and sitting ergonomic sites. Because in this way I can prevent problems and save my body and especially the back. The pillow has significantly improved my seating position on the long term and the 15 euros have definitely been an investment that I would do again.

However, the product does not replace physio therapeutic treatment. If you have strong pain or back problems, then definitely go to the doctor and let yourself be advised there.

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| Comfortable Footrest Desk, Office — Ergonomic Low Stool Padded from Fester Memory… | 300 reviews | 16,97 EUR | To Amazon

Affiliate links. We receive a small commission of Amazon when buying a purchase. Thanks for your support!

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