You all probably have it: this is a game that is very important to you for a variety of reasons. Maybe that’s not just at the game itself, but also on the circumstances as you gelded: your childhood or youth. The people we played with… At this point we want to tell you about our subjective and personal game stories.

Here you will find all the products published so far in the series.

2007 was a fantastic year for players. Bios hock, Mass Effect, Portal and many more damn good games came on the market — and I got my first halfway potent gaming calculator for Christmas. In addition to the already mentioned games, another one appeared, which I can once again from the cabinet Frame again every year and again.

School past, homework — So ran to the calculator! After successfully hit the Sandra in The Elder Scrolls 4 — Oblivion, it was time to dive into a new universe. My choice fell on Assassin’s Creed, mainly because Altair looked really damn cool on the cover.

Alone the intro of the game caused goose bumps with me at that time:

Even the first sequence after the tutorial made my eyes left open. Does the cow of my character really blush in the wind? Insanity! And how supple he climbs the walls — just mistaken! Assassin’s Creed then looked fantastic at that time and can still be seen today. In the meantime, of course, you notice that some textures look pretty old jaws and felt only five different character models for the NPCs gives, but graphics are not all.

Less is sometimes more

Especially the game mechanics could convince me then and do it today. But why don’t I play the second part, which offers significantly more scope and also brings extra game functions? That’s why!

I love that the first part brings a very limited repertoire to mechanics. These restrictions ensured that I started experimenting with the few possibilities that were available to me. For example, you knew that your fighting can shorten extremely by yielding your opponent to the ground, then switches to the hidden blade and then leaves it with it? Especially with larger and toughen opponents you save in this way tidy time.

Assassin's Creed 2 I can see your house from here Trophy / Achievement

I feel that I know the game, like my vest pocket and every year when I put it back, it feels a bit like that I would come home.

A story that encourages you to think

Another reason for my constant return to Assassin’s Creed is the history of the game and the development of the main character Altair. While the Assassin performs at the beginning like that, pardon, last asshole, he becomes more and more intelligible, understanding and catching on things from a different perspective during the story.

From a mere tool of the brotherhood, however, is slow but certainly an interesting person who is reflected and critically questioned his actions. Altair to accompany and see how him slowly becomes clear what the true meaning behind the motto of the Brotherhood Nothing is true, everything is allowed, brings you yourself to think. And this feeling does not solve many video games in me.