Unreal is a first-person shooting game produced by Impressive Mega games (Later Impressive Games), Digital Extremes and also published by GT Interactive in 1998. It has versions for GNU/ Linux, Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh systems. It is the beginning of the Unreal computer game series and also its Unreal Engine. The game engine of the original unreal would certainly be the basis of lots of various other video games of the time. Its development, Return to Na Pale, was launched 1999. Both games were merged right into a compilation called Unreal Gold, which is readily available in Steam and also without antibodies at Gog.com. Furthermore, Unreal Gold uses a brand-new engine based upon Unreal Tournament.
The purpose of the game is nothing various other than passing levels, taking tools and items as well as beating enemies until the game end. Nonetheless, in spite of being a game model already really manipulated, at the time of its unreal launch it implied a great advance because of the great expert system of opponents and also the graphics of those that did.

La Gala The Game Awards 2021 did not stop anyone indifferent. He supposed, among other things, the perfect setting to announce the arrival of the Demo The Matrix Awakens, the new bet developed from the graphic engine Unreal Engine 5. This tribute to the most famous movie arrives to show that the new generation of the video game goes by consolidating the hyperrealistic image.

The obvious advance that has brought the implementation of technology Unreal Engine 5 is essentially seen in the spectacularly of the graphics of this title. Here The creation process has been subject to the extreme definition of objects, sometimes creating confusion in the player: Reality or fiction? There is no doubt that the power of the new version of unreal, which will begin to develop fully in the coming months, opens the door to a period of time.

The Matrix Awakens incorporates the latest technology of the company Epic Games, approaching us without hesitation at a photoreality level that almost no precedents in the world of video games. Its creators declare having carried out a particularly meticulous job with visual treatment. In fact, the figures that have been made known regarding the stage of the game impressive: Fifteen square kilometers, more than six thousand buildings, almost three hundred kilometers of asphalt and more than forty thousand different cars. All this, of course, accompanied by the most iconic characters in the film, and always under the extreme definition that brushes the real.

This demo takes place in a city that keeps a profile very similar to that of places as emblematic as Chicago or New York. It is a very successful combination of the great cities that we find in United States, where the maximization of detail constitutes one of the great charms of this game. Here each of the elements has a variety of polygons that is measured in millions of millions and are processed from a use of light and the singularly realistic shadow.

With Unreal Engine 5 it is expected that the improvement of virtual environments is a constant in 2022, and not only in the field of video games, but also in other plots of great interest, such as digital entertainment or the architecture. Without going any further, platforms intended for gambling such as online casino are postulated as solids aspiring to enjoy this technology. In fact, the items in each of the virtual rooms will be endowed with an atmosphere of reality in which the graphics of the objects will be the protagonists: slot machines aesthetically identical to physical, players with detail, natural movements, matters where the tissue looks real, et cetera. In short, all a visual conglomerate that will help make every casino session more immersive. Likewise, architecture studies will take advantage of the benefits of this updated version of unreal to generate recreations of buildings and 3D models with an extra point of hyperreality, thus achieving the simulations keep a more accurate resemblance to the world we know.

The Matrix Awakens: An Unreal Engine 5 Experience
Under this exit box, The Matrix Awakens begins with a brief introduction in which the player takes control of a car to be involved in a vibrant persecution in the heart of the city. This first contact is already revealed that what is to come is something graphically unusual to date.

In the next part of the demo, the player will get into the skin of one of the characters in the history of the original film, moving with absolute freedom for the whole scenario posed by the game. In addition, it has the option of fly, a particularity that deepens the nuances of the different visual planes. All this, of course, accompanied by tremendously bright landscapes, Google Earth’s own avenues and people who raise proximity.

It is a degree that in its demo version is now available for free for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S.