Distinctiveness Grammars (en GREC Modern: Δηlιtμόζ), né Legs 1378 to Wuppertal (extra) footballer GREC Reconverted. Deputy Le 2 Mars 2021, AST L’entrepreneur De Schalke 04.

Since Thursday, Dimitrios Grammars can finally do what he likes to do: stand in the square, as coach with his players work, coach. After the Schalke chef coach had to pursue two games from domestic isolation due to Corona infection — and a defeat at St. Pauli (1: 2) and a victory over Nuremberg (4: 1) saw from his team — he has already tested And thus ready for the annual financial statements at the Hamburg SV on Saturday.

Saturday evening at the HSV — this is an absolute highlight for us

When I came back to the square, I flowed with me, GRAMMARS betrayed on Friday before looking at the HSV’s quite demanding task, which opened the first weekend the first weekend with the Schalke (29 points, fourth place) The Relegation Plate ended: Saturday night at the HSV — this is an absolute highlight for us. We look forward to it, you can tell the players. The boys were gallons this week, they have taken the tailwind from the Nuremberg game. We Drive there to deliver a great game and want to achieve a good financial statement. The atmosphere in the half-year analysis of the Schalke, which was announced for Monday, would guarantee that.

Butler is an option

Personnel can rely on Grammars on the team, who last won 4-1 against Nuremberg in his absence. Furthermore, the Routinizes Michael Larger, Dominik Dealer, Simon Eroded and Danny Later. Also, replacement keeper Ralf ferryman is not ready for the squad, even if he made progress in training this week. For this Marius Butler is again an option for the attack. Marius could increase his program from day to day and gave full throttle on Thursday. Everything was great, Grammar said, who was pleased, that we can take him away.

Grammars wishes even more courage

Against the Hamburger SV, which was naturally difficult to assess Hamburger SV, was active for the Grammars between 1998 and 2000 as a player, the Schalke trainer expects a similarly strong idea such as Nuremberg of his eleven: Defensive battle strength, compactness, aggressive starting — these are the keys To control the HSV. Offensive, he wishes even more courage and the will to set even accents. During the week, the boys showed that with a lot of desire and mood in training. I hope we get that on Saturday in the place.

Grammozis äußert sich zu Schalke-Transfers! | S04 NEWS

With the former cut out this season, the Schalke trainer meanwhile agreed. Given the circumstances — the big change after the bitter descent — you have taken the first hurdle by being at the end of the first round in beat distance to the promotion places. That does not mean that we are satisfied and lean back, Grammars said. We have to increase some areas. But that’s normal when a team comes together. He was 100 percent convinced that that we will increase in the second half and that the automatism will be better.

Incidentally, in the first leg against HSV, S04 conceded a 1: 3 home defeat at the end of July. On Saturday there is the opportunity to follow the words of the trainer deeds.