The former football star O.J. Simpson is officially again a free man. The 74-year-old was released on Tuesday in the state of Nevada because of good leadership from probation.

Parole ends for O.J. Simpson
Simpson had lived since the end of his multi-annual prison stay in October 2017 under official supervision in Las Vegas. Simpson was sentenced to a 33-year-old prison sentence in 2008 because of an armed robbery in a hotel in Las Vegas. A judicial committee of the US state Nevada decided unanimously to adopt the remaining years on probation in mid-July 2017.

The former lace footballer, who later also made as an actor in Hollywood career ( the naked cannon ), had forced together with accomplices two collectors of fan articles with weapons force publishing devotional.

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More than a decade ago, he had stood in the center of one of the most conceivable procedures of the younger US judicial history. In the spectacular indication process, he was acquitted by the reproach in 1995, to have murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and their companion. The judgment then cleaves the US public, the events around Simpson have long since found in the US pop culture.