Geronimo Games and Revolver Digital have officially launched blight bounds in Steam in 2020. Blight bound is a multiplayer dungeon robot in which three heroes have to leave at an adventure to eliminate the blight, a new mysterious and formidable fog that envelops the earth. Revolver Digital officially announced that BlightBound is ready out of advance access and a full launch on July 27, 2021, on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is currently on sale on Steam for 14.99 USD, but the offer ends on July 8th.

BLIGHTBOUND is an online multiplayer dungeon exploration robot filled with tantalizing fights in which players must fight against abominable monsters to dissipate the fog. Interestingly, Blight bound offers a crossed game between PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, which strengthens the cooperative experience. In blight bound, players can explore dozens of maps and different areas while unlocking heroes and recovering booty along the way. With more than twenty heroes available, each with its own skills, capacities and stories that are fully told, players are sure to stay entertained, and the game will offer a true sense of replayability. The graphics of the game are nice to look because it uses a mixture of 3D effects and hand painted characters.

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Players will be able to mix and match the heroes because the class roles reward the team game and the ultimate capacities. While the mage heals, the warrior must protect his allies and the assassin must interrupt his enemies. The world of collaboration is available in the game while players compete in three distinct areas, the strange Trademark, the Undersold oppress ant and the precarious Blood Ridge.

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