Friday the 13th is a survival scary video clip game released by LIN and established by Japanese computer game programmer Atlas for the Nintendo Entertainment System video clip game console. It is an adaptation of the Friday the 13th franchise business. The game was panned by doubters.

Nintendo has pleas of plenty to be satisfied with the performance of your hybrid. Nintendo Switch has managed to sign a 2021 where he has almost reached 100 million consoles sold, and he has done it with the entire Christmas campaign ahead, a campaign, which started behind the most successful Black Friday of the history of the Console in Spain.

Nintendo Celebrates the New Year With YOUR 2021 Switch Stats In Review!

Part of the thrust has come by a catalog that continues to add titles from its most popular franchises. Nintendo wanted to celebrate this 2021 with the players and has done it with a video that reviews their prominent releases and making available to the players a website in which to consult some of their game statistics.

Players can consult and share their game statistics this 2021 The data provided by Nintendo give us information about the three games to which we have played throughout the year, the percentage we have played In Portable mode and TV mode, or total hours compared to 2020, among others. Players have also been able to share this information through their social networks in a hashtag that Nintendo has prepared for the occasion.

Between the games this year 2021 in Nintendo Switch, the company has highlighted titles as the celebrated Return of Camus at the fantastic Metro id Dread, Mario Golf Super Rush, New Pokémon Snap, Monster Hunter Rise, or the recent remakes of Diamond and pearl Pokémon. With 2021, reaching an end, the players are already looking at an exciting 2022, with long-awaited releases as Pokémon legends: Areas and the return of the witch in Bayonet ta 3.