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Foreseen seems console extrudes for the PS5 and wants to make a lot different. It starts with the chic game world, extends over the dynamic traversal, the mixture of fighting and conjuring up to the worlds that collide here. This becomes clearly clear at the New Yorker Frey, which is catapulted into a fantasy world in which it gives heap fabulous creatures and just magic. In addition, only women dominate the skill in the world, so it is a matriarchal organized society.

Foreseen should also differ by the matriarchal society from our world

What’s up? For research, an actioning with Open World, which should appear console exceptionally in May 2022 on PS5. For the PC, the Square Enix game also comes, but not for the Xbox Series S / X. As a Gamer, we were able to throw a closer look at foreseen and its gameplay as a Gamer as part of a preview event. However, this has left us a bit more columns:

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Forsaken: The Open World Game for PS5 leaves us on us twice

Forspoken - The Game Awards 2021 Trailer | PS5
The World Atria is something special: In foreseen, it is subject to us or Frey to Atria. Although this world acts pretty, but also extremely threatening, unknown and confusing. In the interview, Creative Producer Radio Mitsuki reveals us, which is the special thing about Atria and where the inspiration for the setting comes from.

Live the patriarchate! One of the most important points was to create something new that distinguishes significantly from our normal world. Of course, this works very simply about the path of magic, but also that society is fundamentally different in foreseen than that is the case with us. In foreseen, the women say that.

When we first developed the project, we wanted to create this fantasy world with a lot of magic and a society that distinguishes itself — a matriarchal society where women are in power and authorized. […]

We looked at the best way to shape Atria — this fantasy world of magic — and focused on the dynamics there, which is created by the rule of the Qantas that the world is monitoring and preserving peace.

Here you can watch a trailer for researchers and have a look at the fantasy world Atria throwing:

It should be really exciting to see how this basic idea last ends on the story and maybe on the gameplay of foreseen. At least the setting seems to be pleasantly unused and refreshingly original, even if the game world is currently still a bit empty and lifeless. But who knows, maybe we do not get that correctly when we felt so fast through the Open World.

How do you find the idea of ​​a matriarchal society? What do you say to foreseen?