ATEE (Elegant ATEE, Pr: Exotic, Oriental: 에이티즈; RR: Either), formerly recognized as KM Fella, is an Oriental Band of K-Pop formed by KM Entertainment in 2018. It is made up of 8 members: Songhua, Ongoing, Unto, Yeoman, San, Mini, Woo young as well as Congo. They start on October 24, 2018, with the album Prize EP.1: All to Absolutely no,.

If you think you know all over Destiny 2: The witch king with release on 22.02.2022, then the developers of Bungee come and publish a new, mysterious trailer. This happened to the Game Awards 2021, which were organized at the beginning of December 2021.

Live Action Story Gameplay Trailer

In the trailer, the people of Destiny 2 skillfully mixed live action with gameplay. To see is a guardian, which is the live action part told from a trip to Mars (!). There is already the first blast of the trailer: Let’s return to the Mars with the witch king?

It seems completely, because the narratives of the guardian are underlie with game scenes, which show a player so far unknown scenery on the red planet. These are corn fields on Mars. Also, visible is an annular shaped ship. It is to be assumed that it is Marathon’s burial ship, because the monkey talk between the guardian and Eris morn (!) Lets hardly any doubts.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen - The Game Awards 2021 Trailer | PS5, PS4

Eris Morn gets a stage again

And while Palaver is over Marathon’s glowing brood, you can see in the background of the guardian, which deals with the combination of the remains of a Schar-Spirita, just Eris Morn emerge with their Sam fisher like lights.

Eris has barely received a stage in the recent past of Destiny 2 (now €19.71) and the players missed the veteran of the universe already in the incorporation of Marathon in season 15 of Destiny 2. Apparently Eris gets again with the witch king The limelight, which is actually entitled to all things.

tells us: How do you find the new trailer to the witch king?

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