The BEEN is one of the most famous weapons of the British and Commonwealth armed forces in World War II. This classic lightweight machine gun, which is traditionally supplied with a bipod and a striking upward magazine, has it in itself. In Call of Duty War zone it can be used to turn the sheet of war in your favor.

This weapon has the fastest time to kill all Vanguard Legs so far, and if you look at the sheer size of the weapon, this is not just surprising. The BEEN is extremely deadly at a distance, but that has its price. His recoil may be an absolute pain, but with the right attachments, you can control its trance with ease.

So what is the best Been War zone PC player 24 now to use, and which essays do you need to improve the basic values ​​of the weapon? Continue reading to find out how you can make the BEEN in the new War zone meta viable so that you can tear enemies on the island of Caldera.

Been War zone PC Player 24

This is the best Been War zone PC player 24 for War zone Pacific Season 1:

muzzle: mercury silencer
Barrel: 775 m long scepter of the queen

Optics: SVT-40 PU rifle scope 3-6x
Share: Hock son SP2B
Fall: M1941 Hand stop
Magazine:.50 BMG 50 round magazines
Munition: extended
Rear handle: Dotted handle
Advantage: Clip
Advantage 2: fully charged

According to YouTuber, Benny central, this rate of ten essays will improve the accuracy, the damage, reach and the control values ​​of the BEEN at the expense of mobility. The 775 m scepter and the M1941 hand stock of the Queen help with the recoil control and resistance to the back soft, and the Hock son SP2B shaft increases its accuracy with continued fire. Combine this with Brace as the first advantage, and you will also have a higher accuracy with your first shots.

As far as the ammunition is concerned, Benny central has decided for the.50 BMG 50 Round Mags because this caliber offers incredible performance. The essay itself gives you an increased bullet speed and range, damage, penetration and increased magazine capacity. With extended ammunition, this projectile speed is increased again.

As for the optics, we have decided on the 3-6x rifle scope, simply because it is the best medium to long distance visor for the weapon. Obviously, the scope depends on the personal preferences. So if you have a favorite, glue it instead.

Been War zone PC Player 24 Secondary

The BEEN is fatal on medium to large distance, but he is not the mobile weapon. Against this background, you should choose an SMG for your secondary education, which you can carry by melee encounters.

If you play the normal Battle Royale, we recommend this something like the best Mac-10 War zone PC player 24 or the best its 9 War zone PC player 24. However, if you play Vanguard Royale, the type 100 would be our choice.

Been War zone PC Player 24 perks and equipment

Your War zone PC Player 24 is just as good as the benefits and the equipment you are coupling with it. Since the META is currently further developing, we recommend that you decide for the proven trio from Double Time, Overkill and Amped. You can use Ghost if you want, but this is really practicable only if you snap it later in a second PC player 24.

What the equipment is concerned? Well, given the recent improvements in grenades, we would recommend either Frags or Semtex in addition to snapshot grenades.

And that’s it — our best Been War zone PC player 24 full length. Now, as they have equipped one of the best available Vanguard weapons, get on their next flight to Caldera and start killing.