In Pokémon GO is now available a ticket for the Pokémon GO Tour: Photo. At the same time the most important information published about the event. We show you what you expect can.

When will the Photo tour instead? The main date of Photo tour is Saturday, February 26th, 2022. On this day, runs the global event 9:00 to 21:00 local time.

These 27 February 2022. This comes to coaches, according to blog post in selected cities at a live event to participate to encounter monsters of the Kant region — as a kind of homage to the original Photo games, at the end it also landed in Kant. More information to follow shortly.

The actual Photo tour so do not run with it for two days, but just the Saturday.

so it goes with the ticket: In the Photo tour is it back to an event to which you now can buy a ticket. In the shop you’ll get it for 11.99 euros.

Holt ye the ticket to Monday, 10 January, you will also receive a Temporary research match the current season of research in January and February.
Acquire her a ticket for it, but until February 10, 2022, you will receive only the research for February.

There is also the ticket as early as the Kant tour various bonuses that you get can during the event. There will be the same again free content.

What do you expect at the event can, we show you here?

All contents of the Photo tour ticket

What is this event Basically, the monsters of the Photo region in the foreground — clear. They will all show up in the course of events in the game. Among other things:

In the wilderness
In Raids
In meetings by research tasks
You hatch from eggs
They are attracted by the smoke

You can you in this for a decision of two versions, if you have the ticket:

The Golden Edition
The Silver Edition

Depending on the version you get then specific Pokémon (more on the spawns can be found below).

Special Research: You will have access to a special research get is at the end of a meeting with Celebs. However, that was ever part of a large research, even as shiny.

You can, however, unlock a special event attack if you catch Celebs over the Photo tour.
In addition, you will receive upon completion of the Special Research access to another masterpiece research.

We know already from the Kant Tour: The Masterpiece research retired at that time over a long period and promised at the end of a dazzling Mew.

What this time is stuck in it, however, is not yet known. But more to follow shortly.

Which Spawns there are Photo Tour?

Here you can find all information about the spawns of the event.

In principle, all Photo monsters appear.
In all there will be a Shiny opportunity. This also previously unreleased Shiny land in the game. The coach had also requested for the event.
Incognito G, O, T, U, R and J are attracted to smoke.
In addition, lured depending on the edition different monster smoke.

Which monster there is pro edition? Depending on which edition you choose, you can meet special monster. There are some that are exclusively to be found, and others where you get a higher Shiny opportunity.

Golden Edition :

Exclusive by smoke: Spark, Guitar, Teddies and Manta
Increased Shiny Opportunity: endive, Cyndaquil, Crocodile, Spark, Igglybuff, NATU, Hope shoot, Sundays core Miscreants, Buffet, Guitar, Portrait, Teddies, Swing, Manta and Ho-Oh.

Silver Edition :

Pokémon GO Tour: JOHTO - Everything You Need To Know!

Exclusive by smoke: Leda, Booger, Armory and Happy
Increased Shiny Opportunity : endive, Cyndaquil, Crocodile, Leda, Pin, Sudowoodo, Hope shoot, Yanmar, Pine co, Booger, Armory, Hound our, Happy, Mil tank, Larvae and Lucia.

more content and bonuses of Photo Tour

What can you expect?

Up to 9 free Raids passes Arena slices
9 collectors challenges with different periods and mottos
Free Bundle with 3 remote Raid passports
Four times egg-speed when brooding
Double candy for hatching eggs
Additional sweets for Photo catches
An in-game medal
Stickers & Snapshot Encounters

contents of the Photo tour without a ticket — with regional monsters

What is there without a ticket? Even without a ticket will notice its effects of Photo tour.

On the one hand, there will be more Johto-Spawns in the wilderness, as well as in Rail and 7 km eggs. In addition, the regional monsters of the Photo region, such as Corazón, are available worldwide in RAIDS. Of course, you can challenge the ticket. Fichu, PIN, Flufelfuff and Topi hatch from 2 km eggs. And there is a temporary research on train fighting. But to Photo tour, it is still a few weeks. Currently, a dragon event in Pokémon Go runs, where you can meet the new Monster Farrago among other things. The right counterattack against Farrago can be found here.