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What is the perfect helmet for use with video games? The answers can be many and most varied according to each one’s experience. Everything is relative. But, after spending a few hours with the H6Pro EPOS, we say that they can be a more than successful option if you are looking for a premium, quality device, and that you can amortize with many hours of use.

In fact, the commercial claim of EPOS with these headphones is that they have closed acoustics designed for video games. Logically, you can use them to listen to music on the PC, on your mobile or to watch movies. But its performance is optimal especially with a control in hand. In addition, they are comfortable for long game sessions, practical and with an elegant design.

And, for sample, a personal experience. I am operated on a drilling in the eardrum, and it gives me respect to use this type of headphones because, generally, oppress the ears and the entire auditory pavilion; At least to sensitive people in that area like me. Thanks to its viscoelastic foam pads, I have not felt oppression of any kind, nor discomfort by finishing long music sessions, radio or video games. The H6PRO only weigh 322 grams, so they are tremendously comfortable, and you will not notice that you take them.

Premium wired gaming headset with INCREDIBLE detail - EPOS H6Pro review

The design in general does that can leave any other impression of somewhat better. The good thing is that it is truly practical. For example, we can easily uncouple the microphone by lifting and pulling gently. In the box there are a couple of spare parts to cover the area again and cover the pins, to avoid dirt. Another interesting detail, with the microphone put, is that it is automatically silence when lifting it.

If you like the LED Luce cites of the world Gaming, I must communicate that here you will not find anything similar. Its design, available in three different colors, is more sober and simple, without that kind of paraphernalia. What has left me a little cold is the plastic material, which, although it seems solvent, I do not give me the feeling of premium product, as it would correspond for the price?

Focusing on its performance, H6Pro helmets are equipped with a closed acoustics with noise cushioning, so practically you will not find out what happens to your surroundings to focus on the auditory experience they offer. To facilitate the volume adjustment, just like other models of the range, it has a wheel in the right headset that you can rotate easily and quickly to adjust the sound.

Experience is super immersive using these helmets in games such as Call of Duty War zone, where explosions, helicopters and bullets constantly whistle. I have rarely felt so inside a fray, and see that I like to play with the high volume to enjoy the video games in all its essence.

H6Pro helmets are analog and are also very simple to use thanks to their conception plug and play. You do not need to long facilities or even any type of software. Simply connect them to the Jack entry and start enjoying. They are compatible with PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, macOS, PS5, Xbox Series X | S and mobile devices -With the corresponding entry.

In the aforementioned consoles, it will be enough for the plug-in to the helmets to begin to sound. Your cable is two meters away, something you want to take into account depending on the distribution of your game area. You may be done somewhat uncomfortable, due to its length, if you play, for example, with Nintendo Switch in portable mode from the bed; But it’s just a little.

Remember that recently also detailed the H₃ Hybrid EPOS helmets thoroughly, which are a somewhat more modest experience, but equally comfortable. Returning to the H6PRO, and if you look for a good and lasting option, we recommend you strongly.