RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK (Titled looking for the Lost Ark in Spain, later on Indiana Jones searching for the Lost Ark; and Indiana Jones and the Hunters of the Lost Ark in Latin America) is an American film directed by Steven Spielberg as well as produced by George Lucas, as well as premiered in 1981. It is the initial movie of the Indiana Jones series and the second under the canon chronological terms. The plot explains the search for the ark of the Partnership by the Nazis as well as the initiatives of the Indiana Jones excavator to prevent it.

Lawrence Asian wrote the manuscript after meeting Spielberg as well as George Lucas for 4 days when defined the major elements of the plot. The primary cast was composed of Harrison Ford, Karen Allen, Paul Freeman, John Rhys-Davies and also Denote Elliott; While the manufacturing group relocated to England, La Rochelle, Tunisia, Hawaii as well as The golden state throughout the recording phase.
After its best on June 12, 1981, Raiders of the Lost Ark stood as the film with better earnings of the year as well as since after that it is thought about among the movies with the best collections of all time. The success accomplished by the Tape, both critically and also preferred degree, derived in the production and launch of three more films regarding the traveler: Indiana Jones as well as the Holy Place of Doom, Indiana Jones and the last crusade and Indiana Jones as well as the kingdom of crystal skull, which They make up one of the most identified experience series in the background of recent movie theater. He got 5 Oscar awards, out of a total amount of 9 candidate ships and also in 2008 Empire magazine lay in the 2nd put on his checklist of 500 Ideal films of perpetuity.

There are large, even very good chance.

This is about this tweet from the official Lost Ark Online profile (LEG does not mean here Looking for Group, but rather Let’s FUN KING Go ), which indirectly confirms the presence of the game on the largest gala this year.

Lost Ark New Release Date!? Crazy Rumor About Western Release!! Do You Believe it!? Please Be Real!!
BO The Game Awards is not only a hand of the most prestigious awards on the video games market, but also dozens of announcements announcing or promoting events from titles. So you can assume that one of such trailers / teasers will belong to Lost Ark.

And as you probably remember, the announcement of Lost Ark online for the West Market took place at the E3 trade fair. So now there is an ideal moment to disclose the date of the exact date of the premiere.

Gossip say that it will be January 20 (January 17 will move Head Start), but what truth will be… who knows.

Gala The Game Awards 2021 will take place on the night of Thursday to Friday in Los Angeles. You will be able to watch the transmission, for example, here.