Charles White Jr. (Tampa Fl, Florida, August 2, 1994), recognized on the web as CR1Tikal or Moistcr1tikal, is a YouTuber, on-line transmitter and American vocalist. He ended up being popular from the videos of gameplay and remark from him on his Penguinz0 network. Along with the material of video games, White additionally generates podcasts as well as music to the YouTube channel of him as well as is the criterion of The Authorities Podcast. White is a co-owner of Human Media Group, a network that gives solutions to makers of web content and animators on-line. As of September 2021, White’s YouTube network has greater than 3.9 billion video reproductions as well as greater than 8 million Clients, while its Twitch channel has greater than 3 million followers and greater than 43 million reproductions.

YouTube has presented its 10 most successful videos and Creators 2021 in Germany. Among them are many well-known faces. Mango introduces you, but do you know them all?

That’s why it’s about: YouTube, Twitch and Co achieve millions of viewers every day, while the Contentmacher discusses or polarizing.

Every year, YouTube introduces the most successful videos and creators on YouTube. And now it’s time again, because YouTube had announced Via Twitter, who has been the most successful YouTuber 2021 in Germany this year.

Where are the numbers come from? The winners come from YouTube themselves and are based on their statistics. As the numbers came exactly, YouTube did not reveal in his performance.

All 10 winners we introduce you to Mango here. Do you know them all? Betrays us your opinion here on Mango and discussed under the article with other users. The 10 largest gaming YouTubers in Germany are also presenting you on Mango.

These are the 10 most successful YouTuber 2021 in Germany

10 . Uiiimemo: Memo is an old acquaintance of Montana black and was also known on-line by his friend. For this reason, he decided to start their own YouTube channel and is very successful. Montana black is one of the largest streamers in Germany.

9 . BASTED: BASTING is well known for its Minecraft videos. Here he regularly releases videos and is now also twitch actively on the way.

8th. GNU: GNU, formerly under the name Juisigesgnu on the road, is one of the most famous faces on Twitch and YouTube. Here she slides different games, including Among US, Dead by Daylight and some simulators. GNU is the first gaming YouTuber with more than 1 million subscribers in Germany.

We from Mango talked to GNU about sexism in the gaming industry.

7 . Marvin: Marvin is a German moderator and video producer and made 2021 attentive with a video series about twilight advertising, where he sold a fake product to Influencer.

6 . Made Morrison: Made Morrison is certified yoga teacher from Berlin, with a focus on personal training and events. Here she regularly releases videos in the health sector.

5 . Breast: Breast is actually called Jimmy Donaldson and is an English-speaking YouTuber. He combines various formats such as competitions or fundraisers in his videos and often work together with known sizes. In his latest video, he had adjusted the slaughter of the Netflix series SQUID GAME.

4 . Jindaouis: The YouTube channel Jindaouis is a duo of two people, because the channel Jindaouis is operated by Nader together with his wife Louisa. Mostly the two impressions of their lives share with the spectators.

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3 . Teacherschmidt: Teacherschmidt is actually headmaster and began his career on YouTube with math videos. Since 2016 he has his own channel and publishes regularly videos about topics such as physics, German and mathematics.

2 . Hungry Hugo: He puts on a special concept, because he takes X-arbitrary streamers’ clips and packs them into a story inside a video filled with other stories and clips. In this way, completely crazy videos and memes come about, which have a great popularity on YouTube.

Who is the most successful YouTuber? The most successful YouTuber 2021 in Germany is Renzo (in the title picture). Reno has become known mainly by his criticism of German politics. His most successful video The destruction of the CDU reached more than 19 million calls in 2019.

Again, there are some surprises 2021 on YouTube, because one of the most famous sizes on Twitch changed now to YouTube, as he just did not feel enough valued by Twitch. The background to the Streamer Ludwig can be read on Mango.

Twitch loses his gold boys to YouTube because he does not feel a love (and because of money)