The survival game of fear of the father of the father who is trying to save the son, returns.

Developer End Knight Games released a new trailer on Suns of The Forest (Sons of the forest) on two days. It corresponds to a new image of about one year since last December last year. is a subsequent of , which was officially released in 2018.

has been a survival game that deals with the story of the survival expert James, which has taken off the Son in the diet due to the commitment, and has obtained a hot response. This game has been steadily maintained only the simultaneous access to the simultaneous connection in the steam until a significant period of time after launch.

It is the graphic of the most prominent thing in , which is subsequently. It can be confirmed that the texture is alive with the other colors, and the items in the game are different according to the light, and when using the ax, the overall graphic representation, such as splashing in the other direction, such as splashing in the other direction, has been improved. In addition, it is also possible to assume that has enriched the action in the previous work compared to the previous work.

Various creatures are also noticeable. The trailer has a mutation that is divided into two or lower body, but of course, it will appear to life with multiple arms, and threatens the main character. However, as the main character utilizes the head of the dead body, various factors are expected to be used in combat, as well as the scene of using the enemy.

Sons of the Forest - Exclusive Official Release Date Trailer
In addition, seems to deal with a much deeper story compared to the previous work that focused on the story of the main character. Because multiple characters were replaced with mutants that are estimated to ‘mutant baby’ of the previous work, there was a scene in the trailer. Therefore, is likely to continue the link between the previous work in any way.

End Knight Games Director Ben Falcon is an interview with Disuse Games this year, Ship of The Forest> is a game that fights with the devil. Users make various masks through 3D printers I will tell you how to get close to the details.

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will be released on May 20, 2022, and supports official Korean as well as full-multiplay game. Additional information on games such as demo and early access is expected to be released in the future.