The launch of Battlefield 2042 has brought with it many changes in says, because next to EA they want to explore new horizons in the franchise. This has led to the fact that both companies plan the creation of an interconnected universe for their shooter and, although many details around the idea have not yet been offered, this has a important restructuring.

Gabrielsson leaves his position as Director General of says after more than 10 years in the company We have been able to know all these changes thanks to Game spot, who has been chatting with says about the future of the saga and alterations in the teams of developing. To begin with, Oskar Gabrielsson, who was general director of the developer study, will abandon the company at the end of this year. And it will be Rebecca Costar, former director of Ubisoft Annecy, who performs Gabrielsson’s tasks as a new general director of says.

No one knows both Shooters and Live Services such as Vince Laura Mile On the other hand, another breaking down on the restructuring has come with the co-founder of Respawn, Vince Capella, which will get a more important role in The company like chief supervisor of the Battlefield franchise. What will be responsible for the updates that receive the deliveries already premiered and the next projects to be announced. After all, Capella has a great experience in the scope of the shooter, so he has become the right person for this position.

We are bringing one of the most influential and talented people of the entertainment world to a franchise that is ready to get out of the modern age of video games, it is an extraordinary inflection point in the history of the video game, express Laura Mile, director of EA operations. In addition, she ends the praise of her saying that nobody knows so much about shooters and live services as Vince.

The Team of Marcus Lento will add more narrative to the Battlefield Universe continuing with the restructuring of the company, Marcus Lento, famous for the work of him in the Halo Saga, will lead a new team of Development in Seattle. In this sense, Lento’s group will be responsible for adding more narrative and history In the Battlefield Universe, so we can wait for us added in your argument that explore new ways of communicating in the franchise.

This kind of initiatives are extended with the study Ripple Effect, which were responsible for the portal mode in Battlefield 2042. In this case, developers will focus on the creation of a new experience that will be inside From the universe of this same delivery, although it is not specified what kind of ideas they have on the table to carry out their mission.

Therefore, it is clear that Battlefield will open even more and, as Capella says, it says will increase the number of your employees to ensure a good expansion of the franchise. For this reason, the now supervisor of the saga insists developers who do not lose eye to employment offers of the company, since over the next few months will be published new opportunities for all kinds of positions.

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To this restructuring adds the recent abandonment of the Battlefield Head of Design 2042, something that has just completed all the changes explained in the news. It will be seen by seeing How the ideas presented by Say and EA are developed, although they have repeated on several occasions that this will not interfere with the evolution of its last installment. After all, the game has entered the list of valued titles of Steam’s history, but it does not stop offering extensions and improvements through large updates.