The Nintendo Switch has been dominating the portable console market, although there are already several cell phones and tablets specifically designed for video games. We will also have the Steam Deck next year, but now we can also add another contender to this category. We say this because Qualcomm and Racer have been allied to launch a new portable device, which ensure that will be the future for portable games.

It is Snapdragon G3x, which will serve to demonstrate the powerful technology of the company and the results you can offer in the space of the gaming on laptops. Justin Mooney, Director of Global Alliances for Racer, said that as such this will not be a commercial launch, but it will be focused on developers so that they can see technology and concept in action.

We are not announcing Racer’s new hardware. The Devkit Snapdragon G3X is a Qualcomm device. Working with Qualcomm In this alliance, we seek to attract more publishers and developers so that they can know our vision for the future of gaming on laptops.

The specifications for this G3X developer kit are certainly interesting, since your GPU allows connections 5g and can project in 4k resolution to external screens. The device will run Android games, but it will have an important emphasis on the streaming games and consoles and yes, also cloud devices.

We still do not know exactly when this new technology is going to reach the developers.

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Editor’s note: It is definitely a very interesting proposal. Even though, at least for now, the average consumer will not be able to acquire one of them, it will help the developers have a greater exploration space regarding the laptop market.