In the course of his strike change from BVB to FC Barcelona in August 2017, Humane Dembélé signed a highly doped employment contract for five years. This runs out at the end of the season, the Frenchman has still not accepted an offer for extension. Now the Catalans set him an ultimatum.

Waiting for Humane Dembélé should have an end. The FC Barcelona finally wants to clarify how he can plan with the wingers in the future — or not.

According to Munro Deporting, Dembélé has still not responded to the offer of his club, the bosses should now be quite annoyed by the behavior of the 24-year-old. Therefore, there is a clear announcement: within the next 15 days, the former Dortmund has to decide.

What is the hesitation Dembélé, about Barcelonaing time. Because: The World Champion of 2018 should have revealed to his teammates himself that he wants to stay in Barcelona. He feels comfortable in his new home and also wanted to repay the confidence in him.

Consultant Scissors The reason for hesitation?

FC Barcelona: An Era Between Two Greats

It is suspected that his consultant Mousse Scissors is driving force in the background and ensures the delay. This leads already hardworking talks with interested clubs, it says in the report. Thus, among other things, Manchester United and Newcastle United should work on a commitment in the summer of 2022 — then Dembélé would have been free transfer.

Scissors made it clear to his client that with the signature in a Premier League club, he streaks significantly more content than through the new Barça working paper. Munro Deporting itself had recently reported, Scheich-Klub Newcastle offers 15 million euros of handgun as well as a net annual salary at this altitude.

In addition, the player consultant argues the report that Dembélé could now use a wallpaper change. In FC Barcelona, ​​recent years had often been shaped by injury-related setbacks, but also open criticism of its services.