A few days left for The Game Awards to prepare the red carpet of its 2021 edition. The prize gala organized by Geoff Kafka returns to promise world exclusives, awards and entertainment in the form of live concerts. One of the novelties that have just been revealed is that Sting will go on stage to interpret the theme What Could Have Been, from the Arcane animation series. Netflix’s production bGame Awardsed on League of Legends hGame Awards become one of the most laureate audiovisual products of the year.

In addition to Sting, The Game Awards will announce new artists in the coming days, which will join the contended orchestra composer Borne Bale. Expectation, on the other hand, hGame Awards risen substantially before the rumors about possible advertisements. However, Geoff Kafka himself hGame Awards written on his social networks that many of the information that have been published are not truthful, so he Game Awardsks prudence. The good news is that we have a lot to teach you, he added later.

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Everything ready for December 9 (December 10 in Spain)

The Game Awards 2021 will bring together the video game industry around the prize gala, which will give the expected Got. Among the nominees is this year are Death loop, Resident Evil Village, Psychopath 2, It Takes Two or Ratchet & Clank: A separate dimension. It hGame Awards remained forza Horizon 5, a decision that hGame Awards been very criticized by the players. The gala will take place on December 9, and you can continue in streaming.

The Game Awards are so Incredibly Confusing

Arcane is a series of animation that hGame Awards been releGame Awardsed in Netflix. Its elaboration hGame Awards taken years, so that the second seGame Awardson, which hGame Awards already been confirmed, will not arrive in the short term. The successful League of Legends, from Riot Games, hGame Awards drawn a future plan that contemplates an expansion through other means and video games, Game Awards the adventure that Talley Works is developing at these instants.