Minecraft is a sandbox computer game, which was originally created by the Swedish Developer Markus Notch Person and also his started company Moving. The firm including game has been just one of Microsoft considering that September 2014. Minecraft first appeared on May 17, 2009, as an Early Accessibility title for PC. Consequently, Minecraft was released for different other systems and game consoles. Many of them maintained totally free updates with brand-new content routinely.
Minecraft is the very successful video game of perpetuity with more than 235 million copies (State 2021). In the game, the gamer develops buildings, such as buildings or circuits from primarily cube-shaped components in a procedural generated, three-dimensional world, which contains dice as well. This is likewise checked out to the nature of the nature of the nature to collect resources, battle against monsters and to refine discovered resources to new things.

The patch 1.18 Minecraft has changed much on the game. So much that your focus should definitely put on these 5 important changes.

In Minecraft the new patch 1.18 has appeared. The second part of the Caves & Cliffs update brought a lot of innovations, improvements, but also some adjustments to the spawn of different objects. We introduce you to 5 highlights to which you should pay attention to your Minecraft worlds in your Minecraft worlds, because they could dramatically simplify your life — or at least provide beautiful success experiences.

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1. The world is 50% larger

Once you create a new world, you will inevitably enjoy the new panoramas, because huge mountains and gigantic caves adorn the landscape. Some wonders: was Minecraft always so big? The clear answer to it: no.

The game world is grown both down and up for whopping 64 blocks, so a total of 128 levels on which you can now let off steam. Since the previous world reached only from 0 to 256, this is an increase of watts 50%!

First and foremost, this allows again significantly more freedom and creativity, because the new altitude also benefits your buildings, which can now be more gigantic and more detailed.

A small disadvantage: larger worlds also claim more power of your computer. But that should be able to cope when you see the beautiful results.

2 . More diamonds when exploring

There are a new sources for diamonds. Not only the spawn of diamonds was significantly shifted, but also added new possibilities of diamond extraction. We show you in the guide, as you now find diamonds in Minecraft.

If you are traveling in the lowest depths of Minecraft, between the levels Y: — 63 and Y: -8 and there on a fossil, then some parts of the fossil will be replaced by diamonds! Usually parts of fossils are replaced only by coal, but there are diamonds instead in these deep levels.

This makes it particularly worthwhile to explore the cave systems down to the bottom. Not only are large parts of the world revealed there, and you can find many territories on the walls, but sometimes you run directly into a fossil and can build your diamond stock properly.

3 . Axolotl is much rare (but just as cute)

The little Axolotl had conquered the hearts of the Minecraft players in the storm when they were added to the game in Patch 1.17. But patch 1.18 takes a part of this joy again. Because so far, the Axolotl could still spawn in almost every (waters). Completely independent of whether it is a small ponder, a sea or a small river. That has changed now.

With patch 1.18, you will find the Axolotl exclusively under the earth and in a single BOOM, the Lush Caves. So if you want to achieve such a cute companion (or just kidnap with the bucket), no longer comes around to explore the lowest depths of Minecraft.

4 . A whole new kind of world creation

A bit of technical in the details, but pretty important is the revision of world creation. Because not only Minecraft is now creating nature from much larger and more impressive mountains with huge cave vaults — the whole logic behind the world creation has been changed.

Somewhat simplified that your mountains can no longer find only in the appropriate boom — but a huge mountain can span several biomes simultaneously. So on one side of the mountain could be a beautiful, green forest, while the other half coated with a huge snow cover of an ice landscape.

The transitions between these levels are now clearly gentler and fall less drastically. Especially when they take place on high mountains, the sometimes really beautiful areas create, in which you want to build a camp immediately (and gradually pass the place through predator and accidental fire — you know that).

Even more details offers the YouTuber Deactivated:

5 . Light sources are much, much, much better

Who builds his first home in Minecraft, who knows the problem. The whole environment must be overflowed with countless torches, so that just no skeletal archer appears or a created spawn in the dark.

The consequence was that the whole environment was measured by countless torches, just to ensure security.

In Patch 1.18, the paranoid players can also sense this problem. Because from now on, an artificially created light level of 1 is sufficient to prevent the appearance of monsters.

In practice this means that you only need just under a quarter of the torches to make the same amount of space safe. Thus, you can now also be significantly darker areas in your buildings, without having to worry, that the browsing of zombies seems shortly thereafter by your four walls. However, it respects: This applies only to artificial light, such as torches, campfires or lanterns. If only the daylight is available as a light source, enemies can still appear as soon as the light value falls under level 7. What else is so everything in patch 1.18, we betrayed you here.