Have you ever thought how it would be to direct humanity from its own origin? That’s what FM proposes to us: The First Men, a new independent title based on the history of the first men who is already available in Steam to add it to the wish list.

With that curious starting point, although much more casual and fantasy, Gathering Tree offers us a game of simulation and strategy in real time in which we will start by controlling the first two, with the aim of going expanding the colony and building new foundations to ensure the survival of civilization.

The curious thing about all this is the approach, which lets us manage our territory as any other proposal for building cities, but in turn allows us to send different groups abroad to explore the world, acquiring RPG adventure dyes. Thus, we will obtain materials, we will place roads, we will create buildings and acquire improvements, but we will also discover unusual places, and we will face unknown enemies.

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FM: The First Men will arrive at some point in the spring of 2022 to the Valve platform, where it has an anticipated access whose duration is expected to reach until two years. It is available for both Windows and Mac, and from the developer ensure that titles like Knights and Merchants or Rim world have served as inspiration.