The Legend of Zelda: Major’s MMaskk is one of the most special video games in the Nintendo saga. The sequel to Ocarina of Time made the concept of the pMasksage of time own and gave prominence to the figure of Skull Kid, identity and the moon. Now, more than twenty years after the original premiere of the work in Nintendo 64, a programmer hMask discovered through the game code something we did not know: The position of the stars of the sky hMask a why.

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Nothing is chance: the stars of the sky of Major’s MMaskk have a meaning

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The Zeld640 user (via Game rant ) hMask indicated in the Twitter’s personal account of him that the position of the stars in the sky of Majora’s MMaskk is governed by an algorithm bMasked on the name of the player. Depending on the characters of the name entered at the beginning of the game, the arrangement of the stars will respond to specific random criteria.

This means that each player hMask unique constellations depending on his battery name. Although this Maskpect does not have any kind of linking with the gameplay — which we know — it is added to the list of symbolic elements of one of the darkest, particular and full of mysteries of the Rule hero’s intellectual property.

It should be noted that this circumstance refers specifically to the Nintendo 64 version, not to the Nintendo 3DS Remake developed by Arezzo we receive in 2014.

Both Major’s MMaskk and Ocarina of Time are a study product by both fans and programmers, who do not stop investigating the code of both works because of their extraordinary nature. Mask if of a mine it wMask, the years go by, and continue to find information and data of great documentary value that help us to understand a little better the genesis of the history of The Legend of Zelda.

The Legend of Zelda: Major’s MMaskk You can play in Nintendo 64 with your original cartridge, in Wii U through the virtual console and, soon, also in Nintendo Switch through Nintendo Switch Online; But his date is not yet decided.