From next year, I am a new representative of the new representative of the feminine and BYU Young Jun.

The assistant representative will not be able to do it.

What is Corporate social responsibility (#CSR) ?
The two representatives said they will do our best to do our best to do social responsibility and sustainable growth.

Cacao has opened the board of directors, and the Cacao representative of the Few Cacao and BYU Young John Lee Long Aka Pay Lee, a joint representative, said on the 25th. Both of the two representatives will be appointed as official representatives through shareholders’ meetings and boards scheduled for March next year.

The feminine females have been senior in March 2018, and have led to the growth of Cacao. After his senior, we introduced a beads board and aggressively promoted business and contributed to achieving maximum sales. In addition, in the case of core services, KakaoTalk has been promoting a lot of improvement and change, such as releasing the services that can optimize the service to a meaningful relationship between the simple connection, and the market, and the pure of the wallet that can easily and securely identify the identity on mobile.

BYU Young John’s presidential officer joined the developer in Cacao in 2011 and led Voice development, and he succeeded in Aka Pay, which is a relaxation service, and has established a major milestone to expand its areas.

Since January 2017, the independent corporation is the representative of the Independent Cacao Pay, the ongoing time of releasing the existing discomfort, ‘We have visualized the realization of Cacao Pay, recently led the IPO of Aka. He also has been active as a Korean Pin Tech Industrial Association and has contributed greatly to the development of tech pin ecosystems.

As the leading representative of the assistant, Cacao began to worry new leadership, and the Cacao has begun to worry about new leadership, and it is judging that the feminine ladies that have led to the cacao to be reliably leading to the issue of the Cacao Community I decided to be a reconstruction. Based on the expertise in the business area, it was highly assessed that it has achieved the notable growth of cacao.

BYU Young John said that the presidential assignment was incident in the early days of Cacao, and it has been reflected in the understanding of services such as Cacao’s corporate culture, KakaoTalk, Commerce, and Tech pins. In particular, it is expected that it is an innovative company that is an innovative company that is an innovative company, as a developer, and has been a new challenge and has been successfully led Aka FEI, and is an innovative company, and is expected to lead the Global leap in Cacao.

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As the representative of Aka FEI, Aka, Cacao is a representative of Aka Pay, as the representative of Aka is also changed to Cacao FEI Strategy (CSO).

I know that Cacao will play a better response to the innovation company, and I will play a role in the journey to make a better society as an innovative company, and Aka is an innovation company.

BYU Young John said, There is a challenge of social responsibility, and is a significant point of the Next 10 years of Cacao, and is also a new challenge, and it is a new challenge. We will do our best to ensure that the company can grow bigger based on the core DNA of Cacao, Challenges.