Nintendo has published version 4.0.0 of Mario Golf: Super Rush. This free update adds to the title pair contents: two new characters, two new golf courses and two new game modes, as well as a series of adjustments in the balance of their mechanics and quality of life improvements.

Mario Golf: Super Rush 4.0 Update Out NOW! Adds Wiggler & Shy Guy, 2 New Courses, & Modes!

The two new characters are the ones you can see in the Tweet that heads the news: Florida (which will be more strength) and Shy Guy (a balanced character), both enemies in the traditional titles of the Mario Saga. As for the fields that have been added, they are SHELL TOP Sanctuary (all their holes will be short, with the torque in three strokes) and All-Star Summit, composed of holes whose form is the contour of some characters of the Plumber franchise.

About the game modes, Target Golf and One On, One Putt are incorporated in this case. In the first, users will have to throw 5 balls to their goals and try to stay as close as possible to the center to achieve more points (Penance + Mario = success). As for one on, one putt, it will be a way that will require players to hit their first throw inside the green, and put the ball on the goal with the second hit, all in holes of Par 3.

Mario Golf: Super Rush premiered with good figures after its launch last June, when raising the first place in its first week, unpacked Ratchet & Clank: a separate dimension. Since then, Nintendo has not wanted to neglect the game with several free updates, which have already been introducing other characters such as Toilette or Korea.