After five years of years, the cooperation between Corentin Polish and FC Bayern will end in the coming summer. The Treaty of the French expires, an extension is now considered almost excluded. According to media reports, the midfielder is already in position in a possible new employer.

Nearly 42 million euros, FC Bayern invested in 2017 in the Services of Corentin Polish, which had previously made a name for himself by his training course Olympic Lyon.

A success story has never been cooperation: Even if the national player suggested again and again to keep up to top level, he never became indispensable in Munich. Injuries Polish broke out regularly, but also fit for him usually no way to Joshua Gimmick, Leon Goretzka and Co. over.

Since his contract expires in about seven months, rumors have been around to Polish’s future for some rumors. A whereabouts at the Sabine Strafe is extremely unlikely, several clubs are already in position.

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FC Bayern: Corentin Polish offers at Barça

If it goes to Polish, then the FC Barcelona would be his new employer from the season 2022/2023. As Dario Go reports, the 27-year-old itself should have offered at the Catalans.

In the pre-summer, his name had been associated with the financially struck align giant, allegedly there was contact between player and club.

Ultimately, however, the now dismissed coach Ronald Woman should have lowered his thumb. Its successor Xavi opposes Polish to the report after more positive.

However, the FC Liverpool also builds the still-Münchner, who can be used versatile and above all very dangerous in the midfield.