Overwatch League Pros TEST Overwatch 2 | Grand Finals Exhibition Match

Since its official unveiling during the Blazon last year, overwatch 2 has been very expected by those who watch its EVE and Solo content. But the director of the game, Jeff Kaplan, has clearly indicated, at the time, that there was no release date for the game, with a long way to go under development. However, a new Tweet now deleted suggests that 2020 could be its year.

A CREDIT user of the U / Calitaliann name has managed to capture a screenshot of a Twitter account of the Titans of Vancouver, a team of Overwatch League, before it is removed. He notes that the following will come out this year.

Not only does this emphasize overwatch 2 is the date earlier than expected, but the account also noted that it will have new game modes. So far, only Push has been confirmed.

This joins recent job offers that have been published at Blizzard (according to Desert), so it seems that others are en route. The tweet is now removed, the fans are wondering if a 2020 version could actually happen.

This is not the first time we hear murmurs about an output of the game earlier than expected. PlayStation Brazil has published a similar message earlier this year, which has also been removed since. Translated, it is written: 2020 will be the year overwatch 2 comes on PS4.

It is possible that Blizzard prepares for a kind of ghost fall during the blazon 2020, which should be announced fairly quickly. We will probably see some kind of Kaplan update before this point, may reveal the new modes in progress.