While traveling through the Singh region, you will find yourself with all kinds of different cities and towns. One of the unique (and fleeting) tours that you will do is Iron Island in Bright diamond Pokémon and bright pearl, but if you ask exactly what you are doing there, or just how to get there, it has come to the right place.

get to Iron Island in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

To get to Iron Island, you should talk to the NPC Marino in the lower left corner of Canal ave City. He was standing next to a boat on a wooden pier, and when talking to him, he will take you to Iron Island.

Of course, to get to the city of Canal ave, you must first have obtained Surf HM to go through water bodies. This is achieved by talking to Cynthias grandmother at Telestic Town and unlocks automatically as she progresses in history.

Then you must beat Crashed Wake in the pastor city gym before you can use HM surfing out of Pokémon Battles.

Once you can use your HM surf, go to Route 218, then use Surf to head towards the West (right) to Canal ave City. Now he sees talk to that sailor, and you will be on his way.

Why go to Iron Island?

In addition to having to go to Iron Island in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl to tell the story, those annoying members of the Galactic team have been seen there, it is definitely worth walking.

By helping Riley to defeat the galactic team in front of the Iron Island coast, you will receive a Role egg. Once you enclose, you can upload it at the level and turn it into Lucio.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond Part 21 Riley & Iron Island Gameplay Walkthrough

Thats all you need to know to get to Iron Island in Bright Diamond Pokémon and Bright Pearl. To get more tips, tricks and guides, go to our wiki or consult more information about the game below.

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