FAR CRY 6 premiered a little over a month ago in PC, PlayStation and Xbox, with a well-known proposal, but equally solider than previous deliveries. The title of Ubisoft continues to receive content, and one of the most striking is the DLC of Veins, which is already available for purchase and allows us to play with the well-known villain.

This character became famous at Far Cry 3 thanks to the construction of his personality and the interpretation of Michael command, who is behind the voice and performance. On the occasion of this downloadable content, the actor has granted an interview with gaming bible where he has revealed that a vane movie could arrive in the future.

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I talked to Ubisoft in Italy a few years ago, we took a coffee and told them a couple of ideas I had for a movie, explains the Canadian, of Mexican descent. I have great ideas that I commented with Greg Russo, who is interested in VANS as a character and in make a movie.

If the fans insist and asked for it, we could give it to Michael command I commented with a couple of scriptwriters from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul, and there is a lot of interest in this. I also told Producers of Los Angeles and Les Like the idea, I think that if the fans insist and asked, we could give it to him. I think were very close, well see what ends.

Until heard if desires are fulfilled or not, we have the sixth delivery on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Stadia. In our analysis of Far Cry 6, Alejandro Pascal pointed out that it is the largest title in the saga, but it has reached a point where he would also have to suppose a point of inflection for the future.

Far Cry 3 Vaas Live Action Trailer

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