Video Game Publisher and Legal Holder such as Rockstar Games or Take-Two Interactive are always in the conflict with modern. This is especially bitter about the sobering launch of the GTA Trilogy. Rock star takes the original games from the trade, publishes a new edition that leaves much to be desired and pursues those who work for free to improve the time-honored originals. However, said molders now fight against the action and have very good arguments, but not the right on their side.

GTA: While the Trilogy disappointed, fodder against rock stars must defend themselves

What is it here? Molders have made the source code from GTA 3 and GTA: Vice City available at the beginning of 2021 with the help of reverse engineering. This should help to eliminate problems in old games and also serve as a basis for other modern. For example, for Nintendo Switch and PS Vita ports.

Fodder were sued: A little later, GTA-Publisher Take-Two caused DMCA-Takedowns that the data was no longer offered for download. The molders have resisted and put their code online again. Then they were sued in September and should pay 300,000 US dollars. Now we defend yourself again.

It only went by bugs: The argumentation of the fodder is based on any commercial interests with their activities. On the contrary: First and foremost they worked to quake mistakes in the games. Namely, the Take-Two and Rock star did not care for years. At least for many years no patches or updates have been published for GTA 3 or Vice City to fix these bugs (via: Kodak).

Meanwhile, the two games are not even available in the original. They were removed in the run-up to the Launch of the GTA Trilogy in the so-called definite edition from all stores. However, this Remasters currently lays down a fracture landing. For the Nintendo Switch we even had to pronounce a purchase warning. You read more here:

GTA: The Trilogy in the test: Loveless Remasters who are not worthy of the masterpieces
By Warning: GTA Trilogy for the Nintendo Switch is a real crime

GTA Trilogy Boss

How the thing goes out between the modern and Take-Two remains unclear. It is only clear that the GTA company currently does not make big friends among their own fans. The little satisfactory new edition of the GTA Trilogy is one thing, but that Fodder will be sued that repair no longer available games is again a completely different quality.

The fact is also that Publisher and Developers have ultimately full control over their rights and licenses. Morally considered, the case is extremely unsophisticated, this important point should not be ignored here.

How do you see the fall? Can you understand Rock star and Take Two here or are you completely on the side of the modding community?