When it comes to The Last Stand: Consequences, how you spend your points of knowledge is key to survival. Therefore, you make sure to be familiar with all available updates and what they actually do, not to mention what updates are most important to get first. So we created this The Last Stand: Consequences Update Guide knowledge so that you take advantage to the maximum your knowledge extracted.

The Last Stand Aftermath - Zombie Apocalypse Scavenging Roguelite RPG
The skill tree of knowledge

Skill tree of knowledge is divided into four different sections, each of which focuses on a different area for updates. You need to get knowledge in the world and can use a radio to find out or wait until their inevitable death and return home to finish updating.

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Body improvements relate to physical. So running speed, resistance level and even resistance to certain special conditions, such as damage by infection, can be found here. The most important thing is that you can reduce the speed with which your meter fills infections even when not using Antiviral.

Combat improvements cover all improvements related to the fight. Here you can do things like to increase your damage output, reduce your intake of damage and even improve its recharge rate.

Improvements in survival are general survival bonuses. Some of the most important updates can be found here, including those that increase the probability of finding resources to the search containers. You ll also find updates for the amount of knowledge acquired, so it may be worth to maximize these options as soon as possible.

Engineering updates occupy the final skill tree. These updates are mostly additional items you can use to unlock special areas in the world or recipes that you can use to create items and makeshift tools. Some of these can be incredibly helpful, especially once you understand how many elements have to do with leftovers. (Hint, see crafting guide for help)

Where to start with upgrades of knowledge

Recommendations refresher

The most important updates are to start in the tree survival. By far the best skills to unlock in the game early are searching for ammunition and medical search, which increased their findings ammo and healing items. Must also unlock food supply, which increases your chances of eating food, but only once, so you can unlock the fuel collection. The food is plentiful enough, but want to find as much fuel as possible to omit locations once an area has passed. Once you have bought the least one of each of these updates, make sure you get the update that increases the amount of knowledge you get from the elements of knowledge, as this will level up your skills much faster.

Then go to the tree and unlock bolt cutters engineering and Modified Radio. These will allow you to unlock specific areas and find hidden caches in the world, which becomes incredibly useful as you advance in the game. Backpack also highly I recommend leave for a while. It being overloaded is not really a big disadvantage whenever you have many supplies to restore strength to compensate.

The final recommended updates before you re sure to start to drift to other areas are speed upgrades, specifically the rate at which performs the tasks. To recharge, repair and heal as quickly as possible can save your life in a situation horde. You often have very short window in which you are not being attacked and need to use them to the maximum if you want to survive long.

After that, you can start choosing what you think is most useful for your playing style. Improvements damage are probably a good point to attack then as some zombies in the second area and beyond receive enough punishment, and may be useful to remove them faster. There are other updates that improve the overall chances of find items, such as updating search, which can also help to accumulate resources, but are not as useful as specific updates in most cases.

Updates knowledge to avoid from the beginning

There are some updates that are probably worthwhile to avoid at the beginning of the game. On the one hand, it is a waste of your knowledge to increase your chances of knocking down an enemy. Although they become easy to tear down at that point, during the most dangerous horde attacks, it is less useful to knock down enemies when you can spend those points in skills to prepare more for hordes, as more resources or greater production of damage.

You probably should not worry about updating HER codes at the beginning of the game. They are useful when you hit the second area and onwards, but they do not use much, if they do it, at the beginning of the game. Another early update that should be avoided is the resistance and speed of kicking doors. They are pretty useful updates, but it is not necessary to open doors quickly as often as it is a bad choice to assign their points there when it is just starting.

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