CALL OF DUTY: Vanguard It came to our hands earlier this month and, although this title is quality, the reception has not been as good as in past deliveries. Not only the sales were low, but in a few days it will be available battlefield 2042, launch that will surely further affect Sledgehammer s work performance. In this way, a free trial of vanguard has been announced, just during the arrival of the new battlefield.

According to the official blog of the game, between November 18 and 22, all players will have the opportunity to enjoy the multiplayer of Call of Duty: Vanguard completely free. It is only necessary to enter the digital store preferably, search VANGUARD FREE ACCESS, download it, and ready.

Considering that battlefield 2042 will be available on November 19, it is clearly a tactic to make people forget vanguard just when your direct competitor reaches the market. We just need to wait a couple of days to see if this tactic works.

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Editor s note:

Play Call of Duty Vanguard for FREE!!| Free Call of Duty Vanguard Trial (Vanguard Free Access Week)
Although this free trial is likely to increase players numbers for Call of Duty: Vanguard, nor this title or battlefield 2042 will be able to compete against the multiplayer of HALO INFINITE, which does not stop receiving praises, and it is the social experience of the moment.