The Last Stand: Aftermath #3 Орды зомби, Добраться до стены
If you just spend a few hours traveling through the endless Zombie parade de The Last Stand: Consequences, then you are probably on your last binding. Fortunately, we have given you a little help in your darker hour. This The Last Stand: Consequences The Last Stand Task Guide will finally help you finish the game.

The Last Stand: Consequences The Task Guide at Last Stand

Well, everything is reduced to this. The last stop on his endless journey towards condemnation has arrived. First, finish with the zombies that surround you as fast as possible. You have work to do. Go to the right and follow the way up a heliport full of Zeds. Take them and continue moving up. Be very careful if you listen to some buzz.

At the top of the stairs there are two turrets at ground level. Give yourself and disbar it a couple of times with your weapon to eliminate them. It should be able to use aim to shoot the farthest safely. Do not get too excited and run away. After all, there are still mines everywhere. Once inside, do not pass through the obvious scanner.

Break the glass and walk through it to avoid activating an alarm. Go to the elevator and go down. Stay bending here and move slowly. There are many traps inside, not to mention ZEDS everywhere. Either way, you should see a large door in front of you that requires an access card.

To obtain it, go to the south and use the access platform to enter a room equipped with many things. Carry everything you want, including more antiviral if you need it (and have spare batteries) and then look at the desktop to find the access card you need. You can explore the room on the opposite side if you need health items.

Once you are ready, go through the door and the abyss. You can try the old technique of drilling the glass here, but it is very likely that one of the nearby zombies will activate the alarm anyway. Go crazy and take these guys. Do not forget that you can be crouching through the air lock style door if you need a respite. Zombies can not use keyboards. Clear the room and go to the north. There is a mine here, so it activates it and elusive wheels or get ready to cure you. Basically, you want to systematically move through this place, eliminating Zeds room per room. Fortunately, the door system does not work, so you will not have a great horde with which to deal with.

At the end of the North Bifurcation, you will find a repair area of ​​the door system. Arrange this, then go to the South Route and do the same. Return to the central area and the door should now be working for you. Go there, and you will find a crowd of zombies that constantly activate the alarm system, and then they are attracted to the alarm and activate it again. A bit like a dog to which they shock their own farts.

Use the door to separate the big boy from his friends and take it out. Then, open the door and remove the rest. This will free you to explore the facilities a little more. Still advancing until you get to the last room. Here you discover that, surprisingly, the doctor was the bad. He had never guessed it. He finishes quenching it and then despair it until it stops moving. It has a dodge and then attack a very standard boss without health to back it.

Look for the corpse of it, then on the desk of it to get the parts of the serum you need. Then go to the machine on the back of the room to mix it. Now contact Radio home and let them know what happened. After a brief conversation, go to the machine at the back of the room and interact with it to have the worst feeling that you have ever had in all your life.

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