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All Dual Universe fans will have to reach deeper into the pocket.

Along with the Demeter update, the current price will change for the game, amendment, price for Beta, because Dual Universe still did not have its official premiere.

So far, if we wanted to play in this super ambitious MMO, we had to spend 7 euros a month (approximately PLN 32). However, due to the growing costs of maintaining the game, Dual Universe manufacturers are forced to raise the price.

Instead of 7 euros, we will pay 10 euros per month (PLN 46).

As we develop work, we realized that the primary subscription price of EUR 6,99 / USD was based on optimistic server costs. Now, when we deal with it for a long time, we deal much better with the actual costs of the level of services we want to provide our players. This means that we must adapt the beta subscription price.

Sometimes a special 1-month-old option access to the game will also be available for sale, which will require a one-time fee and which will check Dual Universe without engaging in a longer subscription. Such a paid trial.

Details here.

Dual Universe is Best Space Sandbox MMO, which is distinguished by megawatt ~~ mega-sight, an unlimited exploration and the possibility of building bases and spaceships. A super ambitious project that wants to designate new trends.