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Local ensures that it has the attention of the player, with the teasing of something about the game that will come out next week. They do not even say what day of the week information, whatever it may be, will be broadcast. It may be a little too little information for some great announcement that can be Sight. But it can be enough to excite at least a little people. This teaser has been published on a Tweet of the Official Twitter account of the Sight Games, and although there is a gameplay GIF inside, we do not know what else can there.

For those who do not know, Sight follows the story of a young student in martial arts who spends his life training to avenge his family after their assassination. As part of this, Sight has a mechanism that, when the character dies, returns to life, but a little older every time.

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The little we saw from fighting before in this game certainly celebrates the Union between the Combat Choreographer Benjamin Colossi and the efforts of the creative director (and co-founder of Local) Jordan Laying. Colossi, which is a Master PAK Ma, has studied the martial arts before in China, turned out to be the main person behind the motion capture for the fighting movements of the protagonist — who are fast, hard and give the shiver of the film martial arts. We also know that the main character of Sight can use the machete, stick and baseball bat in bare hands, so it may not be new combat functionality. The release of the game is scheduled for February 22, 2022, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC, it is possible that the announcement is that Sight will also be released on the Xbox or Nintendo Switch series. Or, there may be a multi-player mode, or even better, a playable demo version that potential players can download and play for themselves. It will be necessary to see.

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