For a long time it looked like the plan of Russians looked up: the purely defensive Sonata seemed to no longer want to achieve a goal in Croatia. It was just about collecting none. From the beginning, Croatia dominated the game and laced the Russians again and again for a long time in their half.

The place has become increasingly worse

But there was no lack of precision and consequence — numerous promising possibilities were awarded negligently. The Cofferdam Dramatic (10th) and Bergamo Basaltic (47.) each loved head balls from the nearest distance to the gate, Robotic (24th) failed from the distance and also Perišić caused danger in several situations. The substitute Petrovich snapped seamlessly into the game of his colleagues and left the next promising possibility (61.). So that Russia was long on a direct World Cup course, so less the consistent defense work was due, the guests could appreciate their favorably because of the lack of precision of the Croats.

The increasing rains in the Croatian split rose increasingly to a water battle. Deep puddles, especially on the sometime in the criminal rooms turf, always caused uncontrollable passports and missing steadfastness of the actors.

Schützenhilf of Kudryashov

That s exactly what Russia was in the end to the end — with an unfortunate own goal. A flank of Sosa did not find a teammate, but on the long post the knee of the inlet Kudryashov. The landing on the slippery lawn made the ball quickly and surprised the defensive player of Antalyaspor, who steered the ball untouchable for the previously well-packed Saxon beside the post into the gate (82.).

Croatia 1-0 Russia | Full-time scenes as Croatia qualify for the 2022 World Cup!

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While Croatia conquered the first place in the group H at the last moment and plan the journey to Qatar, Russia must hope for progress in the play-offs to jump to the turn to the finals. The ten group seconds and the two best group winners of the Nations League 2020/21 play three more starting places with each other.