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Worldwide Released Booth Composition

Demonstrate game and provide a variety of sights

Creighton participates in the International Game Exhibition Vesta 2021 (Lima Star), which is held from Susan to 21st to 21st.

The Craft Tone shows the Mobile Battle Royal New , which has released a global formal mobile battle in the Vesta BTC exhibition hall A02 Booth. In the exhibition hall design and configuration, the Battlegrounds: News Tate> will add a single futuristic worldview and identity to the new time and the game experience of visitor s game experience.

We also prepare a variety of experience programs for visitors. game experience and technology can be confirmed by game experience, ▲ New Bear MBTI Zone, ▲ Emory Dance Challenge, ▲ Photozone, ▲ Guts Shop, etc. can be experienced various.

In addition, since the general viewing starts, several cellars and creators will proceed directly to the direct event match, such as New Bear Challenge Match and live torque. We will continue to be a lively period of 11:30 am every day until the 18th and 21st of the Korean official YouTube channel, so that you can feel vividly in the field online.

In addition, we plan to plan for LAN ship supported by the Korean national team that plays the Korea Battlegrounds E-Sports Choir, Gang s Pub Global Championship 2021.

is a game developed by the Pub in the Battle Royal Genre. PC, the console platform, the game performance of the , ​​and the worldview, and is the next-generation mobile battle royal game that combines its own content and differentiated technology. It is served in 17 languages ​​in 200 countries around the world.

Creighton was a Baritone to show the Battleground: News Tate> in Gustav 2021 and prepared a variety of programs that fans can experience and enjoy this Vesta 2021, To blow the role as a domestic leading game company, he emphasized that he would play the role as a game, and to show the unique creative and technology of the Craft ton, focusing on the .

For more information on Craft Tone Ge star Booth, you can see the Creighton Gustav Formula Website, and the details of can be seen in the official homepage.