A new update approaches World of Warcraft: Shadow lands. Under the name The end of eternity, this will be the last big patch on reaching the game. But, to compensate, it includes a lot of content that will keep the community occupied by a good time.

Eternity’s End – Developer Preview | World of Warcraft: Shadowlands
The update has no confirmed release date Oval, the elusive jailer and tyrant of the jaws in the lands of the shadows, has made its next movement, which threatens to rewrite reality rules, Reza the official Blizzard statement. In the end of eternity, you will face him and maybe Salves Zeroth and the lands of the shadows of a destiny worse than death.

The new area in this update, Earth Morris, is a reigned by the automata, who have created everything that exists in Zeroth, the land of shadows, and other kingdoms. Here we do not follow the concepts of reality or physics, and the jailer think to take the power of this place for the ambitions of it.

A new band will also be introduced, the sepulcher of the first. You must gather the power of the first ones to defeat Oval, who fights against the forces of the sepulcher. However, you will have to face indoor and find the way to resist the magic of domination of the jailer.

There is much more on the way, so if you want to find out about everything that will offer the end of eternity, you d better take a look at the video done by the development team, yourself that you can see at the beginning of this wording. Even there is no date confirmed for its launch, but Blizzard has promised to continue reporting in the coming days