Champions that appear in Arcane showed a little character or settings that have been seen in the usual game or in the League of Legend (hereinafter referred to as the back to the background. As a result, the ACHAEAN maker said that all these stories are incorporated into the election.

Game Mecca has conducted a written interview with Christian Ringed and Alex, a joint maker of Chan, on the 10th. Christian Drinking said among many questions, Where the Akin s setup is incorporated into the game, said the question is incorporated by. He said, I am admiring to the Arcane story, and there is a part that is not completely matched with the game, he said.


In Arc ain, Race was first discovered for the first time, or Shin Jed is drawn to be a chemist in the trees before the magic engineering is developing. In addition, the first encounter of Race and Victor is not a party of progress, not a party, but as a laboratory explosion. Jinx and BVI are also more intimate, as well, Race and Victor also come into trust each other than rivals. According to a description, these contents are incorporated by future. Alex said, Gamers wanted to explain what the character they like in the game was present in the game.

Meanwhile, the two producers have replied to create a work on other regions in the future. Alex said, I am currently focused on Arcane, he said, I think that the rolls that have a lot of champions and regions exist in existence in the rolls are very abundant.

Akin is a rich city that is considered to be a rich city, which is a rich city, which is a wealthy city, which is a rich city, which is considered to be utopia from the roll world view, and the birth of the Jobs, There is a story that makes them split them. On the 13th and 20 days, 2 films (episodes 4 to 6) and three films (episodes 7 to 9) will be released.