The off season of League of Legends is usually linked to the signing market. But also to the problems that have been months — even until years — behind Baselines. Just this week, we learned that Killing Double lift Peng and Andy Reginald Dion exploded against each other. Europe did not get rid: Carlos Ocelot Rodríguez was pointed out by the contract of the now former franchise of him. Riot Games had to intervene so that the clause was not common in the ESPORTS.

Well, in China there are also legal disputes. Specifically against Royal Never Give Up. Previously, there was a lack of payments in the area of ​​content creators, precisely with Liu FLAG Shiny. The ex-jungle of Chinese squad raised a demand for salary non-compliance, arriving just at a time when it was talked about a quota sale. While the organization denied this, there were no more comments about what happened with FLAG.

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Now, there is another problem in the same item. As we know, Jean Uzi Aisha had to retire by subsequent topics to League of Legends. Specifically because of the health of him, because he had been dealing with some personal issues for a long time. For Royal Never Give Up marked the end of the contract as a player, offering one for the content creation area. According to HUTU ESPORTS, Twitter s account focused on China, things are not marvel between both parties.

HUTU ESPORTS commented that The Uzi content creator contract passed at the hands of a multi-channel network China. It occurred without the knowledge of the lower lane superstar, causing some problems in your plan to play competitively again. Apparently, your current state does not allow you to play scrims or tests with a team. If he does, he will not comply with his contract.

Uzi shared good news: Your contract will end around November and December this year. Allowing him to play at some point of 2022. Although he commented on Stream, what interests him is, mainly, to play scrims. It does not matter if next year I can play or not: I want to be in scrims. Before joining the scene, I used to be in them against semi-professional and professional teams. I have not been in one for two years. I still love League of Legends and I feel that I can continue playing, he was sincere.

When Uzi talks about Scrims, he refers to the practices that all teams carry out to improve. They usually occur between teams of the same league, minor division or international squads, if they are on the eve of some caliber contest.

The community of League of Legends hopes that Uzi can return to the scene. He retired in June 2020, the same year he saw the withdrawal of several veteran figures. Some of them point to a return for 2022, such as Siren Bergen Berg.