Soccer Bundesliga Borussia Dortmund apparently gets competition in advertising for a new offensive talent from England. No less than FC Bayern should now also be interested in a commitment of the young Reyes Clara.

The BVB, the TSG Cofferdam and second division FC Schalke 04 look at the 17-year-old Reyes Clara exactly how the English Daily Mail reported at the end of September. The attacker is at West Bromwich Albion under contract, where he is used for the U18 and the U23.

FC Bayern - Champions League Final vs. Dortmund | 2013

The leaf now reports that the FC Bayern has become aware of the striker and has already introduced concrete steps. Scouts of the Munich have observed Clara in the game of U23 against Stoke City (1: 1) at the end of October. Although the attacker remained without goal success, his quota in the junior area is still more than presentable: Thus, the offensive player alone achieved ten goals in six parts in the U18 Premier League South — spread over five double packs. For the U23 he snapped three times in six games.

Newcastle United wants to combine England s top talents

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Interesting for the clubs from Germany, the junior player is also therefore because he has not yet signed a professional contract. West Bromwich Albion wants to change this circumstance absolutely, given the attention from abroad, this undertaking will be the report but becoming more and more difficult. However, the baggies are likely to cite as an argument that development opportunities and opportunities for missions in second divisions are far higher than the addresses from the Bundesliga.

Options is likely to have Clara not only among the clubs of the Bundesliga. The Newcastle United Premier League Club should also have thrown on an eye on the attacker. The current Tables-19. The Overhaul had written to the flag, in the future to have the best young players of the island in his ranks. Crystal Palace has long been interested.