At FC Schalke 04 there is again restlessness after three places within twelve days. The criticism of coach Dimitrios Grammars becomes louder again, but still keep those responsible for the German Greeks. But how long?

His predecessors already overtaken Dimitrios Grammars. Manuel Tree and Christian Grow were allowed to train the FC Schalke only for three months for three months, the current coach has been in office for eight months. In the crossfire, the 43-year-old still rests again — despite the beat distance to the climbing places in the 2nd Bundesliga.

The embarrassing cup-k.o. At the third division 1860 Munich and the last minute bankruptcy at the 1st FC Dagenham, the previously flawed debate about Grammars had already exacerbated, as his ex-club Darmstadt 98 in Gelsenkirchen opened and everything made worse.

On Sunday, confused Schalke lost again with 2: 4 (1: 2) against molded lilies and missed by the third mandatory game defeat in a row the return to third place.

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Rumors For a possible coach change, S04 Schalke Grammoziss director Rouen Schröder initially demonstrated. No. We will be together and not nervous, but the functionary stressed at Sky, but at the same time announced: We will call things by name. We have the quality to win games — if we turn off our mistakes.

Also, Grammars gave up fighting. We are still in an area where we said before the season: That s good, we re there, the exercise manager realized.

Schalke 04: Dimitrios Grammars has won several times

Nonetheless, the doubts about Grammars are back — because of his personnel decisions, his tactics and all too positive analyzes.

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He takes especially the critique of fans to heart, said the ex-professional last Friday. He did not work as if everything passed over, but it does not bring anything, Rumzuheulen. Schalke s wool, of course, win every game, but it is also clear that you do not march through the league.

In fact, Schalke seemed even a few weeks ago in the track, four victories in a row suddenly let the suffering dream of rewriting. Unlike the co-favorites around the ascent, the trend pointed up — the table tip was within reach.

But Grammars first went to the 0: 1 in Munich, when he tensed the best players a break, the guilt then did not want to take his cap afterwards.

In the DFB Cup, Schalke flipped against 1860 Munich

In the weak appearance in Dagenham without real chance, Grammars moved only once before the late 0: 1 — and then spoke the performance beautiful. That also liked Schröder not. We always have to remain so critical that we demand each other, the Schalke Grammoziss director clarified.

Grammars is once again under pressure and special observation — too, because Forager Simon Eroded suddenly no longer meets: Since five encounters, the 33-year-old is now waiting for a success experience.

Schalke s Supervisory Board doubted Grammars in summer

Grammars had taken on Schalke only at the beginning of March — as the fifth coach of the catastrophic season, which could no longer prevent the descent.

Several members of the Supervisory Board then expressed doubts about a further employment, Schröder asked in the summer even at Steffen Rampart, but changed to 1. FC Cologne.

As Sky recently reported, Schalke internally definitely will continue to discuss Grammars. The crucial question is whether the scarce had money and alternatives at all.

A name that falls again and again is Domenico Tesco. The 36-year-old continues to enjoy great sympathies in the Schalke trailers and is currently unimaginative after his last commitment to Sparta Moscow. Financially a recall campaign is unlikely to be lift of course.

Alternatively, the recently laid-off in Norwich ex-BVB youth coach to Daniel Fake.

sticks Hard program for Schalke

Grammars still, however, not go away — and is rather light by opponents in recent weeks with S04 now facing real touchstones: After the international break, Welder Bremen, leaders FC St. Pauli, 1. FC Nuremberg and HSV are the counterparty.

Then you could already decide whether Schalke really a chance for the rapid Bundesliga return has — and Grammars a future in Gelsenkirchen.

Offers hope after all that royal blue cabin should still stand behind the coach according to Build. Accordingly, the professionals will appreciate the close cooperation with the German-Greeks, for example, advises together with the guide players through the training times.

However, Grammars also lose the support of his team, his days should be definitively counted on Schalke. Halo Lakes (with AFP material)