Before the directional second division game at Welder Bremen, coach Dimitrios Grammars has prescribed the professionals of FC Schalke 04 an additional training day.

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Three mandatory defeats in a row, back in the Schalke losey crisis and an ever-going coach debate: At FC Schalke 04, there have been a lot of restlessness in the last few days.

In the center of numerous speculation and, especially from fan side, the criticism is ChefCoach Dimitrios Grammars. The 43-year-old was already considered to be named on Schalke after the disaster performance of his team in the relegation battle of the previous season. After an interim success series in October, he seemed to be sitting in the saddle once.

But the so far for the review club so dark and frosty November came and with him again the discussions about Grammars future in the environment.

When the royal blue in ten days on the relegated duel at Welder Bremen, all eyes are focused on the German-Greeks. More: Should Schalke lose again in Bremen, Grammar s would possibly even bang his job.

Trailing free day at FC Schalke 04

Before the occurrence of him for him and the club, the S04 coach attracts the reins because of the S04 coach. According to picture stroke Grammars the training-free day on Saturday. Instead, he does not ask for their national teams ruled professionals to two additional units in the square.

On Tuesday after the morning training, the exercise leaders also stood a trip to the kart track with its protégés.

Internal in criticism, the report says Marius Butler. The video analysis of the recent 2: 4 home painted against Darmstadt 98 have tactical deficits in the summer new entry, especially in terms of support of his most recently also shaped storm partner Simon Eroded in the Attack Center, says.