After three mandatory games in a row, the signs of FC Schalke 04 the signs that coach Dimitrios Grammars is no longer firmly seated in the saddle. Already speculates about possible succession candidates. However, the return of Domenico Tesco is not an issue. Is an ex-BVB coach an option instead?

Four mandatory games in a row had won FC Schalke 04 in October and for the first time since the 1920/2021 horror season 2020/2021, the genuine mood in the environment was abraded. Even the quasi since office has not unregulated head coach Dimitrios Grammars seemed soothed the skeptics and critics and finally found his success for Schalke.

But how fast-lasting is the football business, the 43-year-old learned at the latest in the last two weeks: after the embanked Cup at third division 1860 Munich (0: 1) and the bitter league bankruptcy in Dagenham (0: 1) and Against Darmstadt (2: 4) are the royal blue back in crisis mode — and the doubts about Grammars again great.

FC Schalke 04: Tesco return No topic?

Internally, despite the public backing through coach Dimitrioss director Rouen Schröder In any case is discussed again about the future of the German Greek, registered on Monday the TV station Sky.

In various fan forums, ex-coach Domenico Tesco is already traded as a UNL solution on the coach chair.

According to SKY, a return of the 36-year-old exercise leader to Gelsenkirchen is excluded, although he has been unimaginandeless since his departure of Sparta Moscow last summer.

Ex-BVB coach could fit purely theoretically

Sky and England Expert Raphael Holstein brings another name instead: Daniel Far. The former U23 coach of the BVB was fired last weekend at Norwich City — just after the first win of the newcomer in the Premier League.

Farms had previously made excellent work for the Canaries for four years. Under his director, the rise in the highest English play class succeeded twice.

Bei Trainerwechsel: Keine S04-Rückkehr von Tedesco - Ex-BVB-Coach ein Kandidat? | S04 NEWS
His team had a very clear game profile and has played beautiful football. You could already imagine that something works with Schalke — purely theoretically, Honey stone said.