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Even since 1984, the Offspring band worked out in April this year in April let the Bad Times Roll album. Even before the interest-recorded and finalized entity saw the pandemic due to daylight as planned later. The album did not get great incense into a part, but one song still missed my mind for a reason or another.

Namely! When I actually listened to let the Bad Times Roll, drew the song number of seven attention immediately. At the beginning of the rally and at the end of the calling, they received an incandescent lamp in my own head, as the melody of that melody sounds familiar.

You played your video game, and everyone else, listening to We Never Have Sex Any more although via lower video.

Then take a bonus room music for this DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 2: Daddy s Kong Quest.

Well sounds the same, is not it? The same is especially at the beginning of the offspring song and especially at the end of the soaking melody. I mentioned our discussion area in the music chain right away from fresh and no one seems to disagree. Does otherwise have a coincidence that We Never Have Sex Anymore video has starring monkeys?

It was how it was, no formal mention I have not found that the offspring song would be borrowed (sampled) melody or other things Donkey Kong country 2. The thing has fallen to my mind in the last half of the year, so I thought to share this to others. May your good.

The Offspring - We Never Have Sex Anymore (Official Music Video)

Coincidence or not, so just a rally rack is. Both the OFFSPRING s video and DONKEY KONG COUNTRY 2: N TUMS.

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